Extended Family

I was collecting together photos for the annual calendar, and decided a good way to round off the year would be to have a portrait that included the newest member of the pack, young Jess. I found a section of a wall that I thought would give us a good backdrop.

It was then a case of getting everybody onto the wall. Pip scrambled up with little encouragement. Jess, Sheila and Ben had to be lifted.

But at last, we got our photo.

What a cute little family.

A Very Mucky Pup

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When we were cleaning out the dung spreader, Jess took it upon herself to make sure all the dung was kept under control.

It was really funny... but Jess was so messy!

Khaleesi Comes to Visit

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Today there was a rather unusual visitor in the form of Khaleesi, the Harris Hawk.

It made for an interesting walk, as Khaleesi kept close to her owner.

Seeing such a beautiful bird up close and in flight was a real treat.

And... landed. A tasty treat awaits.

Another chick leg, please.

Dad had a go too.

Khaleesi sees all.

There are a lot of photos of Khaleesi, but only because she's very pretty.

Sheila and Walls

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When she's helping us in the sheep pens, Sheila likes to jump on and over walls.

She's not afraid of heights my any stretch of the imagination.