Black & White Sunday #18 ::: Under Supervision

Wherever Nobby goes, Jess is never far behind...

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Nobby, Mechanic

Ben's lamb, young Norbert - or Nobby, as he is known - has taken a keen interest in becoming a mechanic...

"So this is your tractor, then, is it?"

"Let's have a look here..."

"Yes, yes..."

"Hmm. Yes. This bit here may be your problem. Doesn't taste nice at all."

"I'll just check these giant black doughnut things - tyres, you say?"

"Oh dear, oh dear... no taste here either."

"This tractor is very broken. My bill will be in the post."


Wordless Wednesday #60 ::: Red in the Shed


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Frankie and Friends

Last week we managed to bring home the ninety-or-so two-year-old ewes. The fields they were in were terribly muddy and there was no grass left. They were very happy to be on the grassy fields of home.

Hopefully we'll have some lambs out of these ewes. Nova is in this flock, and looks quite round and pregnant. Fingers crossed...

In the field next door are many ewes and their lambs.

One of the ewes is Iris. A crow ate one of her eyes last year, but thankfully she survived and has a lovely little tip lamb.

Having one eye has left her with a permanent - and rather endearing - head tilt. Her and her lamb are marked as number 30.

Every time her lamb stands on her left, she can't see it and thinks it's lost. It's funny to watch her trying to keep track of it.

There are some very lovely lambs in this field. They were enjoying the late winter sunshine.

To my surprise, when I turned to look behind me, Iris and her lamb had followed me.

It's around this time of year that the ewes are given meal since the grass has usually run out. This year has been a bit milder, so there's still plenty of grass. All in good time...

Frankie and her mother were in this field all on their own - now they have company to spare.

This lamb came running over to the quad, only to find that it wasn't its mother.

The moon even made an appearance.

The Puppy Says Baa

This poor little lamb had a tough start in life. His mother rejected him and hit him against the bars of their pen.

But now he has a new mummy.

Ben likes his puppy lamb.

Ben is the sweetest dog in the world, and takes very good care of his puppy lamb.

The lamb would be lost without his friend.

Ben is very gentle.

When the lamb fell over, Ben was there to make sure he was alright.

The lamb has a very expressive face.

Ben made himself comfortable...

...and to my surprise, the lamb joined him. Ben then showed him how to eat straw.

The pair of them snuggled close.

Safe and warm and with a tummy full of milk, the lamb fell asleep.

And moments later, so did Ben...


A little stretch, just to get comfortable...

Sprollie ears are very soft.

The lamb tucked himself in underneath one of them.

Sweet dreams, boys.