7 March 2010

Sheila and Fly's Busy Morning

It's one of the things I enjoy. Sitting on the quad, with two dogs, one three and one sixteen, running alongside me. Their fur flowing (in Fly's case) and their ears bobbing up and down. A border collie fanatic's paradise. Yesterday was a very busy day for Sheila and Fly as we moved sheep around.

On the quad and rearing to go...

Sheila was very excited...

When we got to the field, the sun was shining and the birds were singing...

On our trip, we saw Panda and her lambs.

And Suckie with Freddie.

Then Sheila and Fly got to work, rounding up sheep and heir lambs.

Sheila kept the lambs from going back.

When separated from their mums, lambs panic. When seperated from their mums and lost in a new field, lambs panic even more, so it takes a speedy dog to stop them... Enter Sheila. Sheila to the rescue! (I love this shot).

Fly mainly watched as Sheila did all of the work. She get's away with it because she is old.

But she's happy.

And just to finsh everyone off, we gathered some very stubbon old ewes from a field to be taken away to an out-farm. This one was scared of her own lambs.

Yes, really.

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