16 March 2023

Cold Breakfast on the Hills

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The snow in January stuck around for a good while. The sheep were kept well fed with silage, mineral licks and nuts. Every morning we were out to make sure everyone got breakfast. The tip lambs got their nuts via a mushroom-shaped feeder.

The pregnant ewes got their nuts via snacker. They always met us at the gate with great enthusiasm.

Breakfast served for another day.

27 February 2023


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Early in January I found myself with a pet lamb from the main flock. I called her Leslie and she thrived. She loved her milk.

Exploring the steps.

The snow came back and Leslie was out in that too, nibbling on grass.

Unfortunately, at a month old, Leslie drank too much water and died. She's not the first pet lamb I have lost to this but it was no less frustrating.

We miss you, Leslie.

17 February 2023

Surprise December Lamb


Officially, the main flock's lambs aren't due until March, but every year we end up with a few early surprises. A few days after Christmas this lamb appeared in the fields at Bannon's Land. I went to check on them with my long lens to maybe get some pictures. It was quite hard because mum was being very cautious.

Mum led her lamb over to the shelter of the old wall.

Very tasty branch.

The other ewes were curious.

The lamb found a different tasty branch.

She was having lots of fun exploring. I left her to it.

12 February 2023

Cold Breakfast

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Going into this winter my pet sheep were starting to look a bit scruffy and hungry so I've been feeding them breakfast every day since. It remains as popular as ever.

Even Susan gets some now and again.


Hazel and Millie.

Hazel's been enjoying the mineral lick. It's all over her face.




Ivy and Angie.

I have quite a large pet sheep collection.


After their nuts it's back to the bale for the day.