10 November 2019

Up the Hill

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I noticed a public footpath while I was driving one day and decided to come back and explore where it led. Teddy accompanied me. It turned out to be steep hill with a field at the top.

Turn around, however, and there is a beautiful view of the town below.

We paused to admire the view for a while.

And then it was time for home. Not our biggest adventure, but fun all the same.

2 November 2019

Granny's Guernsey Lilies

When my granny passed away, almost two years ago now, I expected her garden's flowers to die too. But every spring her Belfast sink full of daisies comes to life and every autumn these gorgeous, bright pink Guernsey Lilies bloom - that one last splash of colour before winter sets in. Year after year these special plants live on.

My special dogs and Granny's special plants.

My granny was especially fond of Jess.

The lilies are looking a bit worse for wear now, but I look forward to seeing them again next year.

27 October 2019


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On Thursday Fly and I had an errand to run and I wanted to take a little time afterwards to go for a walk. We ended up exploring somewhere completely new to us: Bohill Nature Reserve. It's a tiny patch of woodland that was so peaceful. We didn't meet any people or dogs there at all.

A little closer look at Fly's outfit of the day: a bandana by Luna's Loft, a lead by FourPaws Collection and a collar made by yours truly.

The path led is through the trees. As forest paths go this one was excellent.

Fly's sitting and staying is still a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she stays, sometimes she doesn't! We reached what I think is the end of the path (at least it looked like the end to me) and she posed on this pile of stones very well.

Precious Fly.

Since it was so quiet, I let Fly off the lead for the walk back down the path. She loved sniffing around.

Fly is such a sweetheart with people but with strange dogs she can be a bit unpredictable. It was a special treat for her to be off lead on a walk.

Wahey - a stay!

On the way past the log again she got up there and posed all by herself! She's learning.

24 October 2019

Breaking Ground

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This year we have decided to rent a couple of fields to a friend so they can grow some winter barley. This will give the soil a chance to recover from decades of just growing grass. It's not often there's ploughing going on around here, so of course I had to take some pictures.

Jess is always fun to have around when there is soil involved. She loves running around and playing with the sods.

Such a mucky pup.

18 October 2019

Relaxing With Blue Belle (And Sunny)

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On a rare dry day I took Blue Belle out for a wee dander. She's currently living in the yard to get her weight down a bit so she relished the opportunity to eat lots of fresh grass.

I made her this headcollar and lead set, and the leather tag from Koshi Pets is the perfect finishing touch.

We've had an awful lot of rain lately so it's a treat to get out in the dry.

Blue Belle's headcollar is made from cork which is surprisingly strong.

Flora enjoying the grass too.

It's now sheep breeding season, so I have separated off my ewes from my lambs and put Sunny and Jim in along with them.

Sunny was curious of Blue Belle and came over to investigate.

Sunny just had to be sure she wasn't another ewe! I've always said Blue Belle looks like a sheep, and now the sheep are agreeing with me.

Sunny is the slightly smaller of the two so he gets bullied a bit, poor boy.

A better picture of that pretty tag.