20 March 2019

Bridget Gets Out

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The warmer temperatures have started to come in - I spent today working in my T-shirt! We put the first batch of almost fifty ewes and their lambs out into the field. Penny and Bridget stayed in the individual pen and after the other sheep were out I put the halter on Penny and walked her out. She was happy to see grass and her friends again.

She's being a good mummy to Bridget, keeping a close eye on her.

Everything is new and a bit scary for little Bridget. She'll settle in no time.

I checked the rest of the ewes on Sunday and only Cilla seems to be pregnant. She's certainly got a tummy on her.

Little tongue!

She's so much like her mum Penny.

Motherly love.

The same eyes.

Snack time.

Bridget is so expressive and silly!

The sheep all wandered around until they were in Blue Belle's little summer field.

Lots to play with here.

She's very lanky like her sister Bea.

I'm so pleased to see her go out to the field.

Welcome to the flock, Bridget!

18 March 2019

Juliet and Her Friend Bea

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There are currently three lambs in the kitchen - a touch and go tiny one and two bigger ones I have more confidence in. The two bigger ones are very close and real characters. Juliet the Suffolk cross has a special skill - she peeks over the rim of the tub she lives in and watches goings-on in the kitchen.

Today I managed to get them out for a brief explore and some pictures. Juliet had a bright pink snood.

And Penny's daughter Bea was nibbling grass in her baby pink snood.

Bea is noisy like her mum.

Juliet is blessed with massive ears.

While Juliet is stocky, Bea is tall and fine. She almost reminds me of a fawn.

Lambs start out so small and skinny, it's a miracle they grow so big.

I've gotten very attached to these lambs. They're such a cute pair.