Millie's Girls

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On this day two weeks ago, Millie surprised me by having her babies! I thought I had a few more weeks of waiting ahead of me, but no, I went out after lunch to feed the pet lambs and there they were.

Unlike Margo, who required some assistance, Millie knew exactly what she was doing. The first lamb I picked up was this one, a little girl, now called Abby.

To my delight the other lamb was a girl too. This is Annie:

I'm so proud of Millie and her beautiful girls.

Wordless Wednesday #88: Taking It Easy

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The Great Outdoors

At just over a week old, Margo's boys were ready for the big world.

They were at the top of the hill, but before I could get there I had to dodge the incoming Penny.

You don't have to dodge Morag because she's too nervous to come too close.

I finally reached the top of the hill. Everyone looked very happy!

Hello, Morag.

Bob travels at his own speed.

Auntie Rosie giving Angus a sniff.

...It's behind you!

Fly was just lying around.

But she came when I called!

Angus and Andy were running too.

A game of chase around mum is lots of fun.

Auntie Penny investigates.

Auntie Maggie saying hello to Angus.

Hopefully Penny will have a lamb or two with her this time next year.

Bob won't, he's just here for decoration. And he does a very good job.

A Bucket Full of Mules

The kitchen has been very busy lately. These twin lambs were born last Friday but their mother had no milk, so we brought them inside for some milk and warmth.

This the smaller one, a boy, who I have called Martin.

I love his brown ears.

And skipping along is his larger sister, Flora.

She has a lovely, glossy black head.

Little Martin is all legs.

They both had fun exploring the house.

Tina the Tiny Sheep

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For a couple of days we had an extra pet lamb, and she was tiny. She was so small, I called her Tina the Tiny Sheep. She was one of two, obviously the smallest, and being bullied by her larger sibling. She settled with the existing pets very well, before going off to another farm to be adopted onto a ewe who'd lost her lambs.

While I was taking pictures of Tina, I took pictures of the others too. Violet:



And a smiley Lois:

They're all getting so big! (Except Tina.)

Teaching Stubby the Ropes

We had a special visitor yesterday - young Stubby returned to where he was born to show off how big and strong he is now. Penny said hello.

As did Maggie.

Margo was very interested in him. I think she would have liked to adopt him.

Stubby is called Stubby because he was born with only one and a half ears. It doesn't stop him from making friends.

But Stubby didn't just come to sightsee, oh no, he came for some halter training - and believe it or not, he got it on his first go! Such a good boy. Mum Emma is very proud. To celebrate his amazing achievement, we had a little photoshoot. Blue is his colour.

Stubby admiring the daffodils.

What a cutie.