10 January 2022

Heavens to Betty!

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I was driving along in the tractor, chancing a glance away from the road in front to me to look at our ewes, when a little white thing caught my eye. It took a few moments for my brain to make the connection - it was a young lamb following its mother. I was extremely surprised as our ewes are not supposed to start giving birth until late February at the earliest. It remains a mystery who young Betty's father is and but I am very pleased that she's here.

I went to try and take a picture of her on Saturday - mum was in full-on protective mode and ran away despite me bringing some tasty nuts in a bucket.

She ran until they were in a corner. Slowly, slowly, I crept closer.

Betty was tired standing and wanted a lie down.

Eventually I was too close to mum for comfort, so she joined the other ewes to eat, leaving Betty on her own.

I was able to get a little closer before she ran off to look for her mum.

The other ewes were curious about the newcomer.

So that's the first one!

3 January 2022

Mud and Gossip

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Just before Christmas I paid a visit the ewes and tips at Bannon's Land. As a new year approaches, winter's bite only becomes more apparent. The fields are saturated with water from rainfall and the grass is barely growing. The sheep enjoy mineral licks and silage bales to keep them going.


Rita is an old friend of mine. She was a pet lamb but she's lost interest in strokes from me.

Rosie's daughter, Clementine.

There are two ring feeders and plenty of silage to go around.

Penny's daughter, Clover.

A proud ewe.


More gossip!

So far the ewes are looking well but the worst of winter is yet to come. While the weather is milder closer to the coast, they'll soon have to come home for even more intense care.