Fly in a Box

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Everyone who meets Fly instantly falls in love with her. She's so friendly and gentle and when her tail wags her whole body wags too. She's just a joy to have around. However she's still nervous of the camera, so I keep our photo sessions short and very positive and hopefully she'll come to like them eventually.

Speaking of coming to like things, when she arrived Fly had never seen a quad and now she loves them and always wants to come for a ride. She even taught herself to jump into the box on the front.

She came to us at just the right time too - with Pip unable to work anymore, we were starting to talk about a puppy and then along came Fly!

We love her to pieces!

The Yellow, Yellow Grass of Home

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This summer was tough - while last summer was very wet, this summer was very dry. The grass growing in the corners of the yard turned yellow, and areas of the fields with lots of rock burned up, the grass stopped growing. We went for weeks and weeks without rain which, in Ireland, is very jarring! I took these photos while everything was still burned up so there isn't the usual bright green in the background.

Olive and her impressive ears.

Team Millie - Abby (standing) and Annie.

Lovely Lois.

Gorgeous Rosie.

My dad has grown very fond of the pet flock over the past few years, and the lambs love him.

There's a queue for his attention!

As if I needed any help recognising Penny, now she has her distinctive torn ear. Poor thing.

I have a soft spot a mile wide for Heather. She's a sweetheart.

I read somewhere about how human babies have bigger eyes so their mothers will find them more endearing and form a bond. May I present the case for sheep:

Little Esther's eyes are huge and we love her to pieces.

Penny loves us too.

It's not just sheep in the queue. Sheepdogs need cuddles too.

Esther is happy to share.

Team Millie!


Flora is very hard to photograph because she's always running towards me.

Heather and Esther are the Big Mule and Little Mule respectively.

Annie and Abby are a gorgeous set of twins.

Esther coming for her hugs.

Andy is king of the castle flock.

His twin brother Angus is his sidekick.

Andy enjoys scratches, but he also enjoys trying to beat me up.

I should have called Penny "Leggy Peggy", it would have been more accurate.

Pretty Fly.

And how did Bob spend his summer, did you ask? Well, just like he spends his autumn, winter and spring - lying down.

Pretty Blue Belle

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I love photos people take of their dogs wearing flower crowns, or their horses with manes braided prettily. I bought some fake flowers at a reasonable price which I thought would be nice for Blue Belle to wear - and once the sheeps' fleeces have grown out a bit, maybe for sheep decoration too? We'll see...

Blue Belle sporting a lovely flower crown.

And a lovely little Rose!

Such a pretty pony!

It'll be fun coming up for uses for these flowers.

Sunday Sunset With the Pets

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I've said it before and I'll say it a hundred times more: spending sunset in the field with my pet sheep is one of my favourite things to do. When I arrived, the lambs had all been lying down, having a snooze...

...under Blue Belle's watchful eye.

Lois and Heather on their way.

Lois did some posing for me.

Soon the whole flock was coming to see me.

Rosie being pretty.

I look a lot of pictures of Millie and the lambs.


Flora always comes over for some attention!

As if she isn't tall enough, Heather jumped up on the wall so she could look around.

I always laugh at Heather's nose. Just look at it.


Lovely Flora.

Esther is still the smallest - and arguably the cutest.

She and Flora are best friends.

The sun disappeared behind the hills. Morag was keeping watch.

Handsome Bob.

Andy on the wall.

Poor Penny ripped her ear tag out, leaving her ear very sore for a few weeks. Thankfully it has now healed up!

Little Annie.


Rosie had perfected the over the shoulder look.


A meeting of two Hampshire Downs.

With the sun set the temperature went down and everyone was so happy they started playing!