10 August 2020

Parker Indoors

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I visited my friends for the third time since March on Saturday - we socially distanced. It was wonderful to see them in person, texting can only get you so far. It also meant I got to see Parker again. He's grown so much since I last saw him, and now he's starting to shed his baby fluff too. He's usually outside with his mum Jewel, only silage was getting made so tractors were driving through their usual field.

He's a very bold foal. Very cute too!

Mum Jewel is a superstar.

2 August 2020

Walk the Pony

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As the grass at the moment is very lush, Blue Belle is spending her summer in the garden where I can better control her diet to prevent a case of laminitis. While there's ample room in the garden for her, she still enjoys the chance to get out for a walk (and of course some fresh grass).

Before our walk I picked out her hooves and gave her a wee brush. This is the first time I've gotten proper photos of her navy and rose gold BioThane headcollar and lead set. Doesn't it suit her so well?

I bought her a name tag to match.

I didn't make her wait much longer before leading her to the field of long grass in front of the house. Blue Belle was keen to get stuck in! After a diet of hay and pony nuts, this is a lovely treat.

She couldn't eat fast enough! We stopped a few times on our walk for photos.

Back to the best part of the walk - eating.

She's so pretty in her summer coat.

The lead I made has clips at both ends so you can do this.

Blue Belle was too busy eating to run away.

29 July 2020

Odd Dry Days

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This summer has to be one of the wettest that I can remember. Conditions are far from ideal for baling all of our silage, let alone the haylage which requires several dry days in a row. Every chance we get we are cutting grass, and if it's to be dry for a couple of days then we make haylage. It's a very slow process this year.

I had just finished rowing up this field of haylage when I took these.

It's always a fiddly job to finish the field.

I had my wee friend Susan along for the ride. This is her second grass season helping me and she loves it. She loves jumping up on the bales.

And sitting in the driver's seat of course!

Hopefully August will give us a chance.

24 July 2020

Queen Connie

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Connie always comes running when she sees me, closely followed by her brother Caldwell.

Caldwell's horns are getting so big!

This big stone has sat here for as long as I remember. Connie has claimed it as her own (Caldwell is yet to work out how to jump onto it).


The Penny family - Cleland, Penny and Carol.

Coco. Poor girl had some maggots and we had to shave a patch of her bum but thankfully I spotted them quickly enough and all is well!

Lovely Tilly.

Cleland isn't as quiet as his sister but he came over and got quite close.



Penny and Carol.

Everyone else went back to grazing but Tilly followed me to the gate as she always does.

I said hello to Blue Belle in the garden on my way to the house.