The Shuffle

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At the end of the summer we went to a sale looking for some tips and ended up coming home with some gorgeous ewe lambs instead - eight of them were Suffolk crosses like this one. I love these sheep. We used to have a lot of Suffolk in our flock and it's great to have them back.

All the lambs are getting big.

Abby and Annie are in this flock, separated from their mother Millie.

A Mule lamb.

We also got a few Cheviots on the same day we got the Suffolks - this is my favourite of them.

A nice Hampshire Down.

How can you not love Suffolks? They are gorgeous. My favourite breed of sheep.

Another nice face.

Annie enjoying the grass.

This old ewe has a very expressive face.

Margo, Millie, Maggie and Morag all ended up joining the main flock of ewes.

Like Annie and Abby, Andy and Angus were separated from their mum. They went to join the flock of tip lambs.

(And made friends with Jim.)

A Charollais face.

A Kerry Hill face.

And my Jim, a Zwartbles face.

All that reshuffling leaves me with a tiny flock of super friendly sheep that is a more manageable size. Penny and Cilla:

I love the pink in Cilla's nose.

Esther and Flora:

Surprise, Surprise

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That Zwartbles over there isn't Jim but Cilla, a new member of the family!

She arrived on 31st August. She's only a lamb so has a lot of growing still to do - needless to say, she's bigger than Esther.

She isn't a pet so she's wary of me at the moment. I'm doing my best to be super friendly. Just look at those long legs!

Esther has some catching up to do (in fact they all have, Cilla's just that tall).

Flora is hard to photograph because she's always running to me.

Heather's a big girl too.

Olive's face is just so classically Texel. Just look at that square nose.

It was a really warm day so Esther headed for the shelter of the whins.

Look at those eyelashes. Amazing.

Rare photos of Flora standing still. I'm always happy to get these.

Heather and Olive enjoying the shade.

Look at the size difference. Just look at it.

There's something so peaceful about spending time with happy sheep.

(And that front leg, it's gotta be sticking out.)