6 April 2020

Feeding Morag's Lambs

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Naughty Morag - she got away with it again! Last year she had her first lamb, Bonnie, who she did lick but she didn't have enough milk for. On 17th March she needed help giving birth to twins, and this time there was no licking and not much milk either. Eventually the lambs ended up in the kitchen and Morag ended up out in the field again to run on for another year.

The lambs are three weeks old tomorrow and doing exceptionally well.

This is Constance, or Connie for short. She is the spitting image of her sister from last year so I think they have the same father, that quiet Texel tip. She is the only one of the lambs who likes to be held. Rather than kicking and flailing like the others, she just settles in your arms. A wee sweetheart - long may it continue.

This is her brother Caldwell, another character.

He likes his milk too!

I was hoping that Bonnie would be a pet lamb last year as I have never had a pet lamb with any Scottish Blackface in them, but this year I am blessed with two! It's amazing how different they are from our other sheep. For a start they are very hairy. Fluff everywhere. Perfect for cuddles!

4 April 2020

Frosty Dawn

When I looked out of the window one morning to see this, I had to rush out with my camera to take some pictures. A sunrise like this with a coating of frost is one of my favourite lighting situations to take pictures in.

The pets were still a bit sleepy but they came over anyway.

As she got further down the hill Tilly picked up speed.



Rita again.



Bridget again.

Heather striking many poses.

Millie still looked a bit sleepy.

Bea, Bridget's sister.

Bonus Heather.

Juliet. I'm posting all the photos I took of her because, for some reason, she's the hardest to photograph of them all. She has a knack for standing in just the wrong place at the wrong time.



And finally, Olive.

To think only Flora had lambed when I took these, and now the lambing is finished! Last month was very busy.

3 April 2020

Indoor Lambs

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Just some cute pictures of lambs to brighten your day.