Holly Was Here

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Cousin Holly came back to stay for most of last week. She had a great time. She played ball in the field in front of house, and posed too.

She also enjoyed coming with my Dad and I to check on the sheep in the mornings. She is dwarfed by a bag of nuts.

That striking chap in the middle there is Jim, a lamb Dad bought for me on Tuesday. Isn't he handsome?

Holly is such a photogenic girl.

Her tail didn't stop wagging the whole time she was here!

Revisiting the Filly Foal

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I spent some time the other evening visiting that beautiful little filly foal that I first saw at just a few days old. Now she's six weeks old and flying around the field! She's very good at posing! A future model, perhaps?

The Biggest Lamb

Every morning when we go to the field to feed the lambs, we are greeted by the lambs and... their friend.

Blue Belle takes it upon herself to keep an eye on the babies. (She even lets them bump into her and nibble her tail.) It's really very sweet.

Esther gets very excited for her breakfast.

They all do!

The late Violet.

Blue Belle's patience seems endless.

She obviously enjoys the company of the little lambs.

I can't say I blame her - they are adorable!

I love seeing this every morning!

Early Summer Sun

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Early in the summer, I went out to take photos of the main flock. I tried to take photos of everyone, but those Mules are just so photogenic...

Titchy horns.

There are only two black-faced Mule lambs - I have one (Flora), and this is the other.

Relaxing in the summer sun.