Feeding the Boys

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We're well into winter now and that means all of the lambs are getting extra nuts every day. They love them!

Jess likes to help.

Speaking of Jess, she has always been a skinny dog, but I reached the end of my tether this autumn when she lost even more weight. After a visit to the vet and a blood test that proved it wasn't her thyroid that was causing the problem, I have finally found the right diet for her. She's put on lots of weight and her coat is shining. I'm so happy!

Hopefully these tip lambs will put on weight too.

Even if I did get completely drenched after taking these pictures, it was worth it. Such a lovely view we have.

Sue's Baby Photo Shoot

Photo shoots for human babies involve props and blankets - so why not for puppies? On her first day at her new home, I took some photos of Sue in the yard. I bought a wooden box back in the summertime that I thought would be nice for photos, and it was perfectly puppy-sized. I fetched the sheepskin rug from my granny's house and the set-up was complete.

Even if she found the box comfortable, getting her to stay in it was a challenge. There was so much to explore!

Finally, my persistence payed off and I got my picture. Sue got a hug as a thank you.

Lane to Field

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Teddy being handsome on the lane. Look at that smile! The posing! A professional at work.

The field where the pets live is next to the lane and they soon spotted us and came over to see what we were doing. They then began to pose dramatically against the setting sun. I have taught them well.

Teddy and I made the trip around the farmhouse to the field gate so we could pop in for a visit.

I finally got a picture of my Mule trio!

It's behind you!

Lois, you've got a spot of dribble right there...

Cilla being Dramatic.


Sometimes it's fun to take photos from an unusual angle. If you look over a wall you can see down into the handling pens. I've taken many photos here, but never from over this wall. I was very careful not to drop the camera!

Morag, Millie, Maggie and Margo can all be seen here - but I think I am the only person who knows them well enough to spot them. (Except Morag, that is - those horns are a bit of a giveaway.)

Fly is helping.

And once everyone is through the footbath, they'll have clean hooves.

Golden Hogget

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When Blue Belle is on a diet, I take her out for walks frequently and she loves it. One evening it was very clear so we went up the hill to watch the sun go down.

Once we entered the field Millie came trotting over.

Maggie too.

Blue Belle attracts quite the audience.

At the top of the field there was a lovely view.

We wandered around some more while we were up there.

Maggie came over to say hello again.

The golden hogget!