7 December 2019

The Saintfield Charity Christmas Ride 2019

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Today I went off to once again witness the charity horse ride through Saintfield. I was first there two years ago and really enjoyed it. Here are some photos I took as the horses went past.

3 December 2019

Heavy Frost

When I saw the huge frost that had appeared overnight, I rushed through breakfast and went straight outside with my camera. Blue Belle was still in the garden.

By the time I reached the field containing Bob, Esther and the lambs the sun was in the perfect position for backlit photos.

"Excuse me, Bea, I am having my picture taken here."


Wee Minty.

Rita has lovely markings.

Bea with a pretty lens flare.

Minty coming to see me.


Bea's wool showed off the frost very well. She looks like a wheaten loaf!

Gertie and Lily waiting at the trough. In my rush to catch the light I forgot to bring some sheep nuts for them and they weren't pleased.

Handsome Bob again.





Bea photobombing again...


The water trough was frozen solid.


Her twin sister Bridget.

Esther is very good at this over-the-shoulder look.

Bridget checking the trough for nuts. None, sorry.

Tilly wasn't pleased either.

A beautiful morning.

Tilly and Esther.



Dad came to pick me up and together we went to feed the tip lambs. They were excited to see us coming.

Licking up those last crumbs before we fill the feeder again.

Feeding time is always popular.

Fly was helping.

A frosty morning like this with a beautiful sunrise really sets me up for the day.