18 October 2019

Relaxing With Blue Belle (And Sunny)

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On a rare dry day I took Blue Belle out for a wee dander. She's currently living in the yard to get her weight down a bit so she relished the opportunity to eat lots of fresh grass.

I made her this headcollar and lead set, and the leather tag from Koshi Pets is the perfect finishing touch.

We've had an awful lot of rain lately so it's a treat to get out in the dry.

Blue Belle's headcollar is made from cork which is surprisingly strong.

Flora enjoying the grass too.

It's now sheep breeding season, so I have separated off my ewes from my lambs and put Sunny and Jim in along with them.

Sunny was curious of Blue Belle and came over to investigate.

Sunny just had to be sure she wasn't another ewe! I've always said Blue Belle looks like a sheep, and now the sheep are agreeing with me.

Sunny is the slightly smaller of the two so he gets bullied a bit, poor boy.

A better picture of that pretty tag.

3 October 2019

Inch Abbey

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Yesterday Susan and I visited ruins of Inch Abbey. I was expecting this to be quiet, peaceful place to spend an afternoon, but I was quite wrong! When we arrived, a tour bus full of Game of Thrones fans were sword fighting and posing for pictures. There were also a lot of people and dogs. We didn't stay long as it was so busy and Sue got a bit scared of a pair of dogs that were running off lead.

On a quiet morning or evening this place could be really magical. Just a bit too busy for my taste.

30 September 2019

Happy First Birthday, Susan and Bruce!

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Bruce came to visit just over a week ago and had a great time running around with his sister, Susan.

Cousin Holly was there too!

It's been fun to see these two dogs mature side by side. Bruce is such a handsome boy.

He loves his tummy scratches!

And then there's Susan, my sweet Susan as I call her. What a dear little friend she is.

Happy birthday to these gorgeous babies.

28 September 2019

Esther and Flowers

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Over on Instagram, I discovered Lock & Field, makers of gorgeous flower crowns and floral dog collars. Well, of course, my first thought was how this could be applied to sheep too! I can't have them missing out on the fun.

I ordered a flower collar, and once it arrived I made a halter to match. Esther was the natural choice for model. (I must add this is her straight from the field - it's almost as if she knew there was going to be a photoshoot and she had to be clean for it.)

The collar has cute little flowers on it and is tied with a bow.

Of course this being a walk with a sheep, there have to be multiple snack breaks.

She looked proud of her flower collar.

The happy model also had to get lots of cuddles.