22 September 2019

Country Comes to Town, Leaves Immediately

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Well, not quite. I was asked by the Shetland Pony group to come to Portadown to photograph their native pony show that takes place as part of the Country Comes to Town celebrations. But could I find them? No, I could not. I didn't know the area and I'd never been to the event before. The main street in the town and many side streets were lined with stalls and vintage vehicles but no ponies were in sight. I asked around and no one could tell me where they were so eventually, after two hours, I gave up.

While looking for the ponies I found a display of an old horse powered threshing machine.

The horse walks around in a circle and, through a series of cogs and chains, this drives the thresher.

While this was great, even better was the chicken who happily sat and went in circles with the machine.

There were a some very well turned out vintage vehicles.

My fellow Seeker of the Ponies was Cousin Holly, who's now halfway through her stay with us.

We took a break in the People's Park.

I'm not a fan of hustle and bustle, much preferring the peace of the countryside. So after two hours, I'd had enough of the town and wanted to return to the country. The Pot Belly Restaurant was the perfect escape.

It's a beautifully old-fashion place with good food...

...and a very grumpy cat called Mustard. (Very grumpy - there are posters warning you about him.)

While the day didn't go according to plan, Holly and I still had fun.

12 September 2019

Cows and Country Lanes

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I love country lanes. They're timeless and a peaceful place to go for a walk.

Sue and I enjoyed walking along this local one.

At the far end of the lane were gates on both sides, each with a curious herd of cows behind them.

At the Castlewellan Show, Sue was very scared of the cows. This time she wasn't quite as nervous, but still unsure.

We spent some time with the cows before turning around and heading back the way we came.

Sue's lead had a little flower on it to match her bandana.

Before we reached the car, we stopped at a gate for lunch.

Sue kept her paw on me almost the whole time we were there! So adorable.

(After making this face she may have gotten a few sneaky crisps...)

We left the lane to walk along the road. There are fewer photos here because I was on the lookout for oncoming traffic.

Hello, cows.

As we were nearing the car again, a Jack Russell appeared. He came over to say hello.

He was so excited he started running up and down the road.

He was a playful little chap.

I relocated us from the road to the verge so the children could play more safely. They had so much fun!

After our long walk we were thirsty so we went to a wee dog friendly café. Sue enjoyed a doggy muffin and I had a refreshing milkshake.

If you look at the wall above Sue's right ear, you might just spot a couple of familiar faces...

It's great to get out with Susan. She's just so fun to be with.