20 October 2021

A Laid Back Foggy Morning With the Pets

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There was an exceptionally foggy morning and I had the time to take some photos - so of course I went to visit the pets. The ewes were off on holiday with the tips, so the lambs were "home alone", being babysat by Esther, Connie and Caldwell. Audrey and a couple of her close friends greeted me first. Audrey, Laurel and Blossom were all in the same pen together as babies and are still very close, even though they are together with lots of other friends now.

Lovely Laurel.

Blossom. Margot is also in this picture but she's harder to spot!


It was too early in the morning for Lady to have that "just woken up look" off her face.


Minnie again - she's just very cute and photogenic.

My man Nigel.


Caldwell looking very handsome indeed!

Connie on the other hoof wasn't interested in posing like her brother.


Nina doesn't always look this grumpy, I promise!



No better way to start the day than pictures of sheep, I think!

15 October 2021

A Stroll Along the Old Railway Track

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This path was once the main railway track from Newcastle to Belfast, and now it has become a peaceful path along the bay. Susan, my dad and I had a walk here on a grey Sunday afternoon.

8 October 2021

Two August Sunsets

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I do so enjoy going out to take pictures at sunset, although often I'll only go out every couple of weeks or so. But on this occasion I went out two times in a week because I was a sheep photographer on a mission. I've grouped the photos together because I think they're a similar bunch. The light was gorgeous on both evenings.

Even the walk to the field was pretty.

Tilly is always one of the first to greet me - she's just endlessly friendly.

Caldwell's horns are growing nicely, and I'm pleased that they're growing in such a way that they might even curl properly, rather than growing too close to his head and having to be cut off.


Connie and the lambs. She was in a very playful mood on this evening and bounced around like a baby lamb!

Audrey and Nigel, who's too busy to look up at me.

Connie bounced right up to me for a close-up.


Nigel, busy eating.


Lovely Minnie.

Minnie and a trio of the lovely ladies (Dotty, Lady and Blossom).

As much as I liked the pictures I got, I didn't get what I was after. I wanted a nice sunset picture of Nigel with his new, more grown-up, darker markings. Out I went a few days later to try again.

Tilly greeted me with a silly face!

Minnie coming over.


Connie, not quite as bouncy this time.

Nigel coming over to see me.

Success! Nigel came over and posed for a good minute, looking in a few different directions and generally being himself.

I got my Nigel photos but the light was still gorgeous so I stayed out to see what else I could get. Blossom coming over.

Titch and Margot (with their ears tangled up).

Nigel again - he was in a real posing mood on this evening.


Lady and some more ladies (Minnie, Nina, Blossom and Dotty).


Minnie is comically stocky, bless her.

Blossom was having a lie down to chew her cud so I went over to see her.

And finally Nigel again, because why not? You can never see too much of Nigel in one post.