26 December 2020

A Magical December Morning

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Winter is very dark and cloudy, so on the rare occasion when the sun shows itself, it feels magical to me. This particular December morning was extra special thanks to a crispy layer of frost. 

My natural first call was with the pets. Connie and Caldwell are handling their first winter really well. It helps to be half mountain sheep!

The twins get on well enough with Tilly...

Most of the time!

My Tilly is all grown up.

Flora with frosty ears.




Some of the girls nibbling on the dead thistles that I never got around to topping earlier in the year. Oops. (But they do add some interest to the pictures!)

Eventually the sheep lost interest in me and wandered off to graze. I decided I should take Susan out for some winter photos before that sun disappeared.

She was watching the sheep in the next field almost the whole time so there was no need for a squeaky toy or some funny noises to get her attention.

I absolutely adore mornings like these.

Finally I took some photos of her on the quad.

We even managed to squeeze some of the Mournes in.

It's always worth staying out on mornings like these.

10 December 2020

Fly and I Visit the Pets

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Between shorter days, bad weather and being pretty busy, I haven't spent as much time as I would like just spending time with my pets. Fly and I went for a wee visit with the camera the other week. Connie was first to greet us. 

As is always the case, where Connie is, her brother Caldwell isn't far behind.

I can't stop photographing these two. I am so thrilled that they have made it this far and hopefully they will continue to do so.

Olive's nose. She loves coming over for a scratch.

Wee Connie. She may be growing up but she isn't very big yet!

Caldwell isn't much bigger, if at all.


Tilly isn't quite as clingy these days. This often happens with the sheep - they're very clingy up until they are pregnant and then they become more aloof. I hope she's pregnant, anyway, and not just being a stroppy teenager!

She came over to see Fly.

Caldwell, too, came over to see Fly. This was a big surprise as he is usually the flightiest of the lot!

Connie and Caldwell having a run around.


Penny was relaxing by the gate.

Caldwell by the old trough.

Connie and her shadow.

To my surprise once again, Caldwell came back over to sniff Fly.

Fly went to lick his nose...

I said something like, "How cute!" - which caught Fly's attention, causing those ears to pop up...

And Caldwell was very confused by this!

Bless him. He's a brave soul really.


Heather on the wall.

Penny was there too.

"Just a little nibble..."

Heather is very pretty.

She jumped down from the wall, got some scratches for her trouble, and then posed once again, showing off that excellent nose.