18 October 2020

Mid Walk Posing

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Some photos I took of Tilly on a wee walk we had recently.

15 October 2020

A Pony, a Dog and a Sunset


 I can't resist photographing Blue Belle as she stands on the flowerbed, peeking over the garden wall. 

The Guernsey lilies are in full bloom at the moment. In amongst all of the oranges and yellows of autumn they are very beautiful.

I was supposed to be taking some pictures of Susan but I got a bit distracted... and so did she.

Tilly, the tips and friends came over to say hello through the fence.

Finally Susan and I got down to the important job of posing.

All of the dogs are a bit unsure around Blue Belle so this is as close to a portrait of the two of them I could get - for now. Something to work on!

Oh, my pretty Susan, you're so beautiful.

I took these photos with the aim of posting them on her birthday... which eventually passed me by. I didn't realise until the following day! She forgave me. She always does.

My little Susan is two-years-old now, and all grown up.

6 October 2020

Through the Wire

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My lovely Esther, the babysitter. She was repaid with daily breakfasts of lamb nuts and flaked maize.

Connie and Caldwell helped with the daily breakfasts.

Have you ever seen a cuter trio!? 

4 October 2020

An Evening With the Girls

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We have now separated the male lambs from the female ones. Cheeky Ewe remains with the ewe lambs for now but will hopefully be joining the breeding ewes soon. 

The tip lambs are getting extra feed while the girls aren't - so they're curious but not as cheeky as the boys.

Carol, one of Penny's lambs. Even after spending a few months with the rest of the lambs, mine tend to stick together.

Coco. She and her sister Chanel are very hard to photograph for some reason. Not natural posers.


Carol is a bit braver and comes over to see me. She didn't want scratches on this occasion. She has a very earnest face.


Flora's twins, Coco and Chanel.


Another black lamb - not one of mine, this time!

1 October 2020


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Caldwell, despite being a pet lamb, is a nervous sort of fellow. He has also lost his second horn so he's a bit more symmetrical now!

He does love his treats! I have been bribing him with Weetabix (other brands of flaky cereal biscuits are available) and custard creams. As these very blurry photos prove, he does love his Weetabix!

Custard creams are a bit more of a challenge!

His twin sister, Connie, requires no bribery at all but she appreciates the treats anyway!

It's wonderful to watch these two grow up together. They're inseparable now. Almost like the two halves of a custard cream.