20 April 2010

A Grand Day Out - Part One: Boing, Boing and More Boing

On Saturday the 17th of April, I went to visit a friend's house. Drumlee Farm is home to Charlotte, her sister Emma, their mum and their dad. They had called me on the Wednesday to see if I was free to pop over for the day. In part one of this day, Emma and Charlotte showed me jumping dogs, clucking chickens and running ducks, but not before I let them meet someone special...

Emma took a shine to our Ben...

...And so did Charlotte...

...Ben, not so much.

Then we headed off to the remote place called Drumlee, and within minutes of arrival, I met some very large dogs called Bruce and Adam, and a slightly smaller one called Shane.

Fly Shane, fly!

Good boy!

Bruce wants Emma's hat.

And so does Shane...

Shane really wants it...

Let's go play! Wooo!

Shane follows his mentor Adam, as both avoid a jump.

Emma and Shane like each other.

Evil Shane!

Charlotte has a go at getting the dogs to jump.

Good old Bruce.

Bruce and Adam watch Emma.

Bruce jumps.

Adam scratches.

Bruce jumps.

Emma gets Adam to jump.

Is Shane going to follow Bruce?

Nope. Adam comes to him.

Adam in mid-flight.

After the jumping Black Labradoors, I got to meet the hens and ducks. This is an evil hen.

And this is a duck.

Just before dinner, we had a quick check on Dash. He seemed fine.

To be continued...

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