21 April 2010

A Grand Day Out - Part Two: Let's Go Walkies

On Saturday the 17th of April, I went to visit a friend's house. Drumlee Farm is home to Charlotte, her sister Emma, their mum and their dad. They had called me on the Wednesday to see if I was free to pop over for the day. In part two of this day, we went for a walk on the quiet country roads around Drumlee, were I was surprised there was so little traffic, compared to the busy main road that is at the bottom of our lane. Walking down the middle of the road with Shane and Adam was very stange indeed...

Charlotte found that taking pictures of sheep was fun, so I ended up with a lot of photos of someone else's sheep.

Charlotte was very happy to get this picture.

From left to right; me, Adam, Emma and Shane.

Me with Adam, who is wearing his 'cowdog' harness.

Shane is very cute.

What can Shane see?

Why, cows of course.

This lamb was very young, and was standing in someone's front garden.

Shane seems to like sheep...

Shane waits for Charlotte, Adam and I to catch up.

If Emma's there, so is Shane...


Another young lamb in someone's front garden... seems to be popular around here.

Charlotte took this rather nice photo of a Ford tractor left in a field.

This is one of the cutest goats ever... and she has a resemblance to our Panda...

This young man is a carrage horse...

And he tried to eat me!

This is the lady next door...

A clydesdale stallion tucks into his hay. Yum.

This cat doesn't like Adam.

Aww... kittens...

I loved how these cows were all the same colour, and how they blended in with the ground.

Charlotte's proud of this picture.

This two-year-old Border Collie liked to bark at the boys - maybe she liked them.

Adam says, "In your face."

What are Adam and Shane looking at?

Down the lane we go, heading home...

We want to go again!

And that's the end of the walk.

To be continued...

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