1 April 2010

Signs of Spring

The Summer time officially started last Sunday at 2am. I don't see much Summer. On the Monday we had rain, on the Tuesday we had rain and snow and on the Wednesday, ran, snow and hail. Yes. Very Summery... if that's a word.

But after months of waiting, the daffodils have come up and have been springing up (see what I did there?) all over the place.

"Mummy, I have a question."

"What are those light grey things surrounded by dark grey things?"

"Daffodils? Ohh they're pretty!"

"Can I eat them? You know like Titch did?"

"I won't tell anyone..."

Titch and the Daffodil
One day, I was taking Titch the pet lamb for a walk down the lane when he discovered daffodils. They had only just grew up and were a lovely bright yellow. I stopped to pick a few for my Mum when I turned round to find Titch eating one. I was afaid they'd be poisonious to him and he would be sick. When my Dad said it shouldn't be good to eat one, but he'd never heard of a sheep eating one before. I feared the worst for Titch and had to keep and eye on him for a few days, but he was right as rain.

Looks like you can eat daffodils.

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