16 May 2010

Driven to Distraction

I went out to look at the sheep on Tuesday, and I got a little distracted… by my camera. It happens all of the time - I see a sheep I know or like the look of and I get the camera out, but before I put it away, I will have taken 20 photos!

It’s not annoying - just a little obsessive.

In this case, it was Freddie and Dot who I saw and liked the look of - for obvious reasons! I haven’t taken a picture of Freddie since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Here’s Freddie:

And then I spotted Dot, so here she is:

Ben came with me to check the sheep, so he too was at the mercy of my camera.

Portrait of Ben! I love taking these!

Ben lookin’ on up.

A really close-up of Ben’s face. His first close-up picture that worked, of hopefully many.

The cutest Ben - he’s mine!

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