27 May 2010

Notice Anything… Odd?

About these sheep compared to the sheep in my other sheep posts?


Well, in case this picture doesn’t help, we have started shearing our sheep. It sort of came out of the blue, as our main clipping man, Paddy, came up the lane and said he was ready to clip. Dad said he wasn’t, and then Paddy said that we should all get ready then. We gathered the sheep with Sheila and Fly and got to work. There was no time to shed the ewes from their lambs, so all of them were put together, making the ewes even more dangerous, because they will head-butt the dogs to protect their lambs. This does absolutely nothing for Sheila’s confidence.

Sheila was annoying…

She kept going underneath the trailer because she wanted to go into the section where Paddy and Barry were clipping. She wouldn’t stop doing it - not for anything, so she had to be put on a lead.

In the end, the lead was awkward, so I brought Ben out to help and put Sheila in her kennel. In short…

Ben. Was. Brilliant.

He did what he was told, wasn’t scared of the ewes even though they were trying to hit him, and best of all, he didn’t go under the trailer!

I was so pleased. He hadn’t done a real job before and he had never really been introduced to the sheep.

Poor Ben, though, because a ewe hit him. It (amazingly) didn’t scare him and he just looked at her like he does at everything else. At this, I was even more pleased!

Did I mention that Fly loves the tractor?

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