20 June 2010

Five Days for Dogs: The Challenge

Five Days for Dogs is a personal challenge that I made up for myself and carried out last week. With having so many dogs, is that you don’t spend so much ‘alone time’ with each dog. With this challenge, I had to spend some time with each dog on their own. I did this in order of age, so Fly was first.

Day One: Monday

Fly had a lot of fun - and we both had a lie-down in the garden! But first of all, I groomed Fly - something which she really enjoys.

We then went to the garden.

This is my favourite picture of the week.

Day Two: Tuesday
Jack was the most difficult dog of the week - simply because he didn’t want to spend time with me. Once again, we were in the garden, and he was spoilt for choice between his two toys.

Day Three: Wednesday

Kim was very well behaved on Wednesday, even though she pulled towards the sheep a lot! We were in the Potato Field, a field that we used to grow, well, potatoes in.

“I want to chase them so bad!”

“I better get a treat for this…”

Day Four: Thursday

Sheila’s alone time was the most exhausting, as we walked to the far-end of the farm and back - there was long grass, steep hills, and a lovely view of the Mourne Mountains.

The town of Newcastle and its harbour can be seen from up here.

It was very warm, so Sheila and myself had to stop at various points along the way.

It isn’t a bad place to stop for a rest, though.

Al the farthest end of the farm, is a field full of cows. These girls all live next door.

My favourite is this one.

She’s pretty.
Day Five: Friday

Friday was Ben’s day. I had planned to take him on a long walk, too, but because of the good weather, Dad was already making silage. Instead, Ben had his first ride in the tractor.

“Let’s go!!”

He wasn’t scared. Not really, anyway.

“I just didn’t like the radio.”

How very Sprollie!

To see all of the photos I took during the Challenge, visit the Challenge set on Flickr.


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting our blog. I love your borders! They are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for joining the blog hop. What a great idea to make sure that everyone gets some special attention. Very beautiful dogs. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana