12 June 2010

Shepherd’s Pie: I am Speed

On Wednesday, I picked seven sheep for my training ring. I couldn’t use it until the next day because there were some lambs which were going away on Thursday in the field with them.

I had to wait until we’d gotten the ewes and lambs separated before I could try out my new ring.

It took Fly and two quads to get them in there.

I let Sheila loose and she really went for it… too fast, that is.

Until Dot stopped and refused to move, preferring to hit poor Sheila!

Dot. Is. Evil.

I had to catch her before she did any more harm and put her out. As soon as that was done, I stepped in a rabbit hole which went up to my knee. Ow. So much for a flat field.

Sheila was back in action. Quickly.

She wouldn’t stop, and I hadn’t brought a stick to warn her when she was doing something wrong because I thought she didn’t need it. I was wrong, oh so wrong.

And to top it all off, these sheep are incredibly unfit (much like myself) and were panting pretty quickly. The warm weather probably didn’t help.

“Boo! Ha ha ha ha!”

Being sheep of the lowland variety, their flocking instinct isn’t great.

Stop running off!!!

You, too, Sheila!

“Run for your lives! There’s a dog behind us!”

Me being me, I decided to give one a name. Meet Brenda.

There she is - being chased by Sheila.

Over half an hour later, I think they’re all trying to tell me something...

Sheila’s tired. Time for a rest, I think.


  1. A sheep named Brenda. I like that.

    Just hopping through - glad to meet you!

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