26 July 2010

Agility star of the future!

I have never done any doggy sport before, and to be honest, I'm not built for it.

Can you tell that from my agility 'equipment'?

This is my hoop (which is basically two street cones, a hoop and some baling twine).

Makeshift Agility Hoop

This is my low jump (which is basically a fence post, a concrete block and a little bucket full of fence staples).

Makeshift Agility Jump

And finally, the best jump of all (which is basically two water containers, a fence post and some more baling twine)!

I believe I can fly!
Makeshift Agility Jump (with Sheila)

All that proves is my imagination, really, and that Sheila thinks she's a bird. Not much hope there, then.

Where do you even start with agility anyway? I'm thinking of joining a local club maybe (once I've found one, that is). They have the see-saws and the A-frames and stuff? Right? Things that you can't build with baling twine and fence posts. And then there's what happens at clubs. Do you practise inside or out?

One thing that I do know is that each dog must be over a year old to enter, because of their joints. And they must be well socialised, bause of all of the other dogs there too.

Sheila falls there, because her and other dogs don't get on well.

Ah well. Sounded like too much work, anyway.

So that leaves me with one dog. One dog who never jumps. Ever. Ben.


Seriously, he never jumps - I have to lift him onto the quad sometimes because he doesn't fell like jumping. He just puts his paws up on it, and stands there, as if he was going to climb a mountian.

Of course, Ben is still too young to learn anything yet, so we'll start in 2011 by joining a local club. If there is one.

I think you're mad.

Wish me luck finding a club!


  1. ooohhh, so much I could write here! Check out this link http://agilitynet.co.uk/activepages/clubs.asp for some clubs, and also click on the link at the top right of the page, hints if you are thinking of starting agility.
    Luna does not get along with other dogs, and we do agility, and there are lots of dogs with 'space' issues.
    I love agility, just that connection between you and your dog.
    There are also a ton of youtube videos. Start by searching for 'starting you dog in agility' and see what comes up, and go from there.
    Maybe I'll write more later!

  2. To do agility with a Border Collie, the human must be very very very fast.....lol