31 July 2010


Do we have to? *Moan*

 Yes, we do. The rain and bad weather has stopped the silage-making alltogether - until last Monday, that is. There was a sudden burst of activity, with three fields mowed and baled in three days. Fly was most helpful.

I'm not moving.

I woke up on Monday, to a call to get ready and get into the car. Quick breakfast, lead, harness, treats, fleece, coat, done - oh, almost forgot the dog.

Thanks very much. Why, oh why, did you then have to remember?

Ben likes his work, spending time with me, and doin' his messin' in the back of the tractor.

As soon as the baling is finished, the Buzzards appear from the Tollymore trees, and swoop down to catch field mice and all sorts of yummy critters. Sorry about the poor quality of this photo, but it was taken though a tractor window, and the bird was very far away

Buzzard on a bale

The foxes in my Granny's garden are very jealous. (Once again taken through a window.)


Did someone say critters?

Sheila has had a busy week, too. She stopped a mass breakout from a flock of ewes, and got annoyed by Ben. Again.

Why does everyone say I'm annoying? *Pout*

Moving on... it's Blog Hop Saturday! Again! For the last time this month! Sob! Where's Summer going!? More sobbing!

We like hopping! Wooo! Yeah!


  1. Oh Ben, you are too cute to be annoying! Does that fox bother the sheep or dogs. He looks kind of scary?

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Great pictures. Love them ears on Sheila!! Saying hi from the blog hop. Come visit us sometime:


  3. Hi there! I found you on the blog hop! I am so excited to keep reading about your farm adventures! My pup Kirby would LOVE to work on a farm!! :)


  4. I laugh every time Ben gives you that 'look':)
    And the fox picture is great!