3 August 2010

How Could I Say No?

On Saturday, me and my Dad made some more bales. Ben had been with me previously because we weren't at home, but now we are all of the dogs an have a go.

Ben digs tractors.


It was about time Ben had a break. Kim offered to stand in.

Can I come?

How could I say "No" to that face?

Thanks! I'll be good! Super-good! You won't even know I'm here! I'll even stop talking!

And do you know what? She was good!

This is awsome!

I was able to consentrate on my job, while Kim looked around her. The only distraction was the odd lick directed at my face. I can live with that!

She was having a whale of a time!


And we got the job finished quickly.

Good dog!



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She looks so happy! I don't know what Sam would think if I tried to offer him a tractor ride!
You never know - he might like it! It takes quite a brave dog to really enjoy tractor rides, though.

Kim looks like she is enjoying herself!

Your pal, Pip
Yay Kim! I am enjoying seeing her coming along. She's gone from being the worst sheepdog, to the best, now to a great tractor rider, and I'll bet she would make a great agility dog! If nothing else it will build her connection with you.

You could google 'making your own agility equipment' and there will be lots of ideas there:)
Also check out 'agility foundation training for puppies' and hopefully you will find some good help with Ben. Since he is young and still growing, you don't want to do a lot of repetitive work with him. Only very low jumps, no weaving etc.
OMD--that 4th pic is absolutely ADORABLE~!!!!! :D

Sorry about that - I was experimenting!