2 September 2010

Romp in the fields

There's noting like spending time with dogs, just letting them play while you relax and kick back in the evenings.

But this is Greenhill Farm, and our dogs don't play nice (usually anyway)!

Then, add Kim. Then you get this...

Give me that!

Give me that - now!

Apart from the odd scrap, Kim doesn't usually make too much of fuss about Ben, and prefers it if he stays out of her way, so she can gallop through the meadows in peace and tranquility...

Running Kim

But this is Ben we're talking about - he's always on the prowl for fresh meat to annoy and prod with his paw.

I wonder if she's fresh enough for me...

Heck - even Fly's fresh enough for me! I'm going in! *Grrs from Kim*

Poor Kim. Reality bites. Hard.

Something I noticed last Monday was that whenever Jack played with Ben, there wasn't a squeak, but when Kim or Sheila play, there is lots of noise. Is it just me or are Border Collies naturally noisy? Kim soon learned, though, that the only way to get rid of him is to run away. The only problem with that is he hunts her down...

 ...In true Sprollie style!

Ben hunts Kim

 Once Ben has caught up, it's time for some tug-o-war! Kim wins most often, probably because she makes so much noise. Plus, she looks creepy.

Crazy Kim

Play play play play!

Run run run run!

And Ben gets it sometimes, too.

Ben has a big mouth

He has no problem at all putting it in his big mouth. And when Ben has the ball, Kim can look forward to that romp in the fields she's been wishing for...


The Conclusive End.


  1. Great pictures!! I love seeing dogs play. I love to sit back quietly and just watch mine play - sometimes its so hard not to laugh.


  2. Thanks so much for posting these pics. This little blog is such a joy to visit!

    We have three border collies at our place, and they are such fun.

  3. What wonderful Pictures of them Playing. The Fields look so Peaceful. Thanks for Sharing.

  4. So glad they are having such a good time together, like dogs do. What a beautiful field you have...makes us want romp through it with all of you.

  5. I love the new layout!!!

    They look like they're having so much fun!

  6. That looks like lots of fun and a great field to run and play in!