26 September 2010

Madness will never be the same again

Partly because mum’s only gone and got herself another dog! Why? What’s the point of having so many dogs? Why does she need so many? Why are they all brown?!

I think she’s great!

If only Pip thought Ben was great, too. I want Pip to get to know Ben first because he’s the best influence of the lot. As soon as she sees him, she squeals and runs away.

It’s not my fault.

I know, I’m just pointing it out. I’m now going to share with you the End Of Summer party, held in my Granny’s garden. Nice. In attendance were Sheila:


And that other one:

Jack surprised me, because instead of playing with the other dogs, he just went into a corner and chewed up things all by himself.

I want to away from the arguing husband and wife in the other corner, that’s what.

He stayed there all day and chewed up a football and a few other toys that Sheila and Ben weren’t fighting over at the time. In the two hours that we stayed in the garden, Jack managed to destroy a football and a fluffy toy.

Meanwhile, where the action is…

That’s some nice voodoo, Ben!


  1. Oh, I am sure little Pip will get used to Ben soon!

    Your pal, (big) Pip

  2. What adorable pups!

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  3. Holy smokies, I love this blog!! So much divine doggliness!!

    Thanks for sharing all of it.

    Laurie Eno
    The Daily Corgi