14 October 2010

Help – there’s a Sprollie on my face!

And I can’t get it off!
Help! There's a Sprollie on my nose!

It’s really annoying -  go away!
Ben tumbles!

Away, I say!
Ben and Sheila

Go away!

Feel my wrath! – And brush your teeth!
This is bad...

Maybe this is why Sheila hates Ben. He nags, he scratches, he paws and does everything to annoy her that he can possibly think of at a time… which isn’t much really, but it does annoy Sheila a lot, so much so that I fear Ben may get injured at some point.

It’s OK! No need to worry – I have a secret weapon! Brains and ears!

And you think I’m daft sometimes.

Is it just my dogs or do all dogs hate each other this much? And here’s a tip for you – NEVER judge a situation via Ben’s facial expression. EVER.


Exhibit A: Clearly, here Sheila is angry, while Ben is blissfully unaware of any danger to his health or well-being.



Exhibit B: Surely he can’t have been shocked by this?

Evil cheese

I rest my case.
Out of harm's way

Meanwhile, Pip can sit! A little, anyway.

Of course, food played it’s part…


  1. Pip is getting so big!!! I think she may have already outgrown me!

    Your pal, big Pip

  2. They are all so beautiful! Little pip is adorable.

    We didn't realize that you live all the way in Ireland, blarney!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Secret confession: I want to steal Pip and run away with him! He's SO cute. :)

    (Kirby doesn't know that he annoys everyone, either.)

  4. Oh my goodness those pictures were wonderful! Thank you for my morning giggles!