My shy guy

The classic Ben look.
Ben: my shy guy

The classic Pip run.
Here I come!

The new and modern Pip run.

Pip’s growing fast - she’s already eight weeks old and she’s got a really cheeky personality. She can climb out of her pen already, so she needs a huge door. The same door we use for he adult dogs. She just went for her first vaccination this morning, and she was a real crowd puller! She lapped all the attention up and wasn’t scared of the vet - what a good girl! 

Must. Eat. Toy.


  1. Great photos, and great looking dogs!

  2. OMD!!! Little Pip is almost as big as Big Pip (me)!!! She is just adorable!!!

    Your pal, big Pip

  3. Mommy says you all are really cute. We don't think you should give her any puppy ideas.

    Davinia & Indiana

  4. I love the classic Ben look. Eva always has that expression too. So lovely!!!

  5. The "Ben look" almost looks like the "Snoop look" :). So cute pictures! Love the style of your blog! :)

    xx from Germany