19 October 2010

There’s something funny about Kim


There are sheep here, but she’s not chasing them. That’s because, ever since that day in June, my Dad has been working hard on calming Kim down. Her sheer determination to attack sheep was actually quite frightening, and whenever you took her for a walk, you would be constantly paranoid that she might get off her lead somehow and attack some sheep. Now my Dad is in charge of her, and while I head off to school, my Dad takes Kim with him while he checks all of the flocks at home. It has taken a long time to get this far with her, but all of out hard work is finally paying off, and here there’s no lead, Kim’s looking at sheep, but not chasing them.

It’s nothing short of a miracle.


  1. That is great, she even looks pretty calm. Good work!

  2. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds fantastic! I don't know how your Dad does it, but I find the whole herding thing really interesting.

  4. Hooray for Kim! What a smart doggie.

    Nubbin wiggles,