25 October 2010

We two pumpkins

Mum, what’s that?
"It's a pumpkin!"

That’s a pumpkin.

What does it taste like? Does it taste like feet?

I’m not sure.


I got my first ever pumpkin on Saturday (well, actually, I got two, but that’s for later). I’ve never had a pumpkin before, or tasted one or even touched one, so when I was thinking of the Halloween photos for this year, and I was in a supermarket which had quite a few nice ones, I decided to buy a couple. They cost quite a bit more than I thought they would. Now I was left with two huge pumpkins, and the only thing I could do with them was take photos of the dogs.

First up, Ben:

Ben was quite difficult to motivate, even with a box full of biscuit bones. At first, he was too scared to jump up onto the bale that I had so lovingly placed in front of a bush and adorned with two over-expensive pumpkins. I took me a good ten minutes to encourage him to jump up, and even then it was only because I removed a pumpkin. Ben himself had never seen a pumpkin before, and at first he was scared of them, then he was acceptable of them, and then he decided to eat them. I suppose you could call it progression.

Hey, Pip, they do taste like feet!

You know what Ben, the stalks probably do.

The next dog I brought to the stage was 10-week-old Pip. She was very enthusiastic.

But soon came round, and started posing for the camera. Very cute photo.

Pip’s sit/stay is improving by the day, and she is coming along well in her “camera training”. She can sit for a long time now, but looking at the camera is still an issue, but one that will resolve itself in time. I hope.

Last, but not least, was Sheila. Her motivation was her ball.

I hear that you have a ball. Is this correct?

Anyone for pumpkin soup?

PS. Do you like our new Halloween look?


  1. Your new look is great and very Halloweenish:)
    Pip is very cute, and sure knows how to 'work it' for the camera!
    I have always thought of pumpkins as a North American thing, but I guess I'm wrong!
    Just out of interest, how much did you have to pay for each pumpkin? Our local suppermarket had them for $2.97, and they come quite a bit bigger than yours:)
    Are you going to carve them? Oh, and be careful if you do, as many dogs love to eat raw pumpkin:) One time when my kids were little, they carved their pumpkins. We left them by the front door and discoverd later that our black lab had eaten most of one! I think a whole pumpkin is less of a draw than one that has been hollowed out, so it has quite a smell, and is just thinner and easier to chew on:)

  2. I believe pumpkin is good for dogs. I was completely amazed that you have never tasted pumpkin pie. I don't know why I thought pumpkins were universal. Guess I wasn't thinking, but don't tell anyone!

    Love all the pictures - they are beautiful.

    Emma Rose

  3. Pumpkin is good for dogs. I have some pumpkin treats that I just love.
    Very cute pictures!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Nice pictures! Pumpkins by me in the Washington, DC area of the USA are around 4 dollars each for about the same size. Sometimes more. So 2.86 euros....I rarely buy them, too expensive for a throw-away decoration as I don't eat pumpkin pie.

  5. I just want to clarify that I wasn't meaning that pumpkins were harmful, just that if you have a lovely carved jack-o-lantern, your dog might not be too respectful of your artistic display!
    Yes, cooked plain pumpkin is good for dogs with diarrhea or constipation.

  6. Ha, I thought Pumpkin's were universal too! We can't put our carved pumpkins out too early or the moose will eat them. I put them out on Halloween night and after that they can have at them.
    Your pictures came out very cute and festive! That Pip is very photogenic...what a little cutie she is!

  7. Your Halloween decorations are great, and the dogs are very photogenic. The markings on Pip's face are gorgeous! Happy Halloween!

  8. Halloween makes me think of pumpkin soups, pumpkin pies, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin tarts and ......

    Love all your pictures, they are so beautiful. Pip is so cute and I'm sure she will soon become one of the greatest models.

    Happy Halloween!

  9. All the pictures still came out so great!