The Birthday Brigade

It’s just one day away from Ben’s birthday, and all of the dogs are getting ready.

Sugar and Levi Mac are in charge of the hats:
My hat’s got that “Golden Woofs” magic!

And my hat’s just plain pawsome!
Levi Mac

But there’s more to party than just hats (though hats are very important)…

Mr. Pip is in charge of the catering:

I think that we should have cheeseburgers!
Mr. Pip

And don’t forget the Ketchup!
Mr. Pip

Riley is in charge of the entertainment:

We gotta play with the ball!
Riles and ball

Riley’s friend Gabby is also coming along. She has her own ideas of entertainment…

I suggest that we have a stareing competition.

Tom has another idea:

Why don’t we play musical statues? Can you keep your paw up for as long as I can?

Sage is in charge of the location of the party.

I say garden. There’s always something fun going on in the garden.

Scamp thinks that a the garden is a good idea.

Good idea!

And look, it’s snowing!

Ryker has an idea.

Hey, everyone! Let’s sing for Ben!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ben! Happy Birthday to you! Yay!

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  1. Found you on the Pet blog hop and I am your newest follower and would love a follow back!

  2. Happy Birthday Ben! Thanks inviting me to your party. I have cheeseburgers for everybody!

    Your pal, Big Pip

  3. Happy Birthday Ben!!!

    I will sing the Birthday song to you, if you listen carefully you will hear me singing! Mom said I've a beautiful voice!!!

  4. Happy, happy birthday Ben!! You had a great party--thanks for inviting me. I had a fun birthday too!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Ben!!!!

    PS - Ryker, that is a gorgeous shot of you singing in the snow!

  6. great post, Happpy Hippy Hoppy Burfday for tomorrow Ben, hope you have the greatest of days, lots of love and belly rubs,

    Jenny :)

  7. Vof Ben- Happy birthday with lots of bones and toys!!! You have so wonderful photos! I'm not sure if I can join your party because I'm busy with crafts - but if you don't mind that - I would love to come to your party!
    I send you lots of hugs and sunny kisses from Crete! Nero

  8. Happy, happy birthday!

    We've started a week of giveaways at, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Happy Belated Birthday greetings to Ben! He's grown up to be a handsome boy:)