11 December 2010

Changing Faces: A Year of Ben in Pictures

Last Sunday, Ben turned one-year-old, and it is a tradition to include some photos of said dog growing up. So this is Ben’s “growing up” post.

Here’s the little man aged just 6 weeks, with a brother/sister wh also seems to have the unique talent of looking at the camera when it is pointed at you.

Here’s Ben at 8 weeks, in a box and in fear of his life. He’d just arrived at his new home, and was understandably unsure of his new surroundings.

Within a few days, though, Ben had decided that living with us was alright, and he also decided that posing was good.

A week after that, and Ben decided that being outside was good.

But something inside his little head told him to be wary of Sheila. Shame he didn’t listen to it.

For a brief stint at 10 weeks, Ben decided that looking at the camera wasn’t so good.

In case you can’t tell from some of these images, my old camera was starting to pack up, so I got a new one – and just in time for Ben to turn 11 weeks.

He had at this stage also decided to annoy Sheila. And this was good.

At 13 weeks, Ben was able to pose nicely!

And he was becoming friends with Sheila.

At 4 months, Ben learned to sit and stay.

And he had his first bath. He decided that this was not so good.

When Ben was 5 months, he discovered that toys were fun.

And that they were good.

Ben continued to be very loving towards Sheila.

And was intreged by Kim and her tallness.

Whenever Ben was 6 months, we knew that he was going to be a large guy.

His tounge was becoming very large at this point.

And he was still posing.

Ben also discovered that sitting on my lap was good.

Now at 7 months, the young Ben gained some extra height.

And decided that balls were lots of fun.

But annoying Sheila was even more fun!

And he had succeded Sheila in size, too.
Sheila and Ben

At 8 months, Ben went to prison.

He wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

At this time, Ben’s mother Rua gave birth to a new litter of pups. Ben was a half-brother!

When Ben was 9 months old, he met Star, a Bernese Mountain dog. He had a ride in her cart too.
Star and Ben

And sadly for him, he got the chop.

But he cheered up when his half-sister, Pip, arrived home in the same box that he did.

At 10 months, he was a bit shy about his age (he’s getting on a bit).
Ben: my shy guy
And he decided that pumpkins were very tasty indeed.

11 months old, and he got to play with his little sister for the first time.
Pip and Ben

And he found that he loved snow.
Here I come!!!

And here he is at one-year-old. What a (good) guy!


  1. Fabulous photos. All of us enjoyed seeing this retrospective of Handsome Ben's life so far!

    Toomy plus The Chans and #1

  2. Oh, I didn't know Ben and Pip were half siblings! That picture of them cuddling is adorable!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  3. oh, i love love love these pictures! he looks a lot like our guys when he's young--not quite so much now that he's big and gawky. what a gorgeous dog, and you are a very skilled photographer.

  4. What a grrrrrreat Year in Review.. Ben Style.

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos of Ben, they are all so beautiful. It's so wonderful to see how a little pup has grown up to a young man now. He looks good too! I especially like the picture that he licks Sheila, it is a very sweet picture of them. He and lil pip are so close with each other too!

  6. What a wonderful look back at Ben's first year! Since we just joined you recently, we had missed much of it, and were glad at the opportunity to get caught up. Happy Birthday, Ben!

  7. Hey Ben!
    Wow, I loved this review of your life in pix! Great shots of you...what a cute pup and handsome guy you turned out to be. Love the photos!
    Grr and Woof,

  8. What a great album of his early life! They change so much that first year. A treasure to keep.

  9. thanks for sharing Ben's first year in photos, wonderful pictures of a very handsome boy!

    Kirby's Mom

  10. I'm a biiig Ben fan! Thanks so much for posting this!