17 December 2010

Friends & Friendly Friday

Here’s a photo of me and Pip from last Sunday.
Me and Pip

We’re in the Land Rover, and I’m wearing my work clothes. It’s cold, you know.

But Pip’s got enough fur to keep her warm.

It’s been snowing heavily here all night, and it’s currently snowing outside now too. It is even worse than the last snow we had.

I hope the lamb’s OK. If she is, I think I’ll call her “Lucky”.



I’m going to share a website with you now. It’s one of my favourites.

Luna Tale Working Border Collies is the website of a Border Collie kennel in Belgium.

Tri-colour is my favourite colour, might I add.

They have some beautiful dogs. And have bred some fantastic ones, too.

This is Luna. She’s their foundation dog.

The Luna Tale dogs can do herding, agility, flyball and more.

Why don’t you give them a visit here?


  1. OMD, Pip is even bigger than last week! Hope the snow slows down and the lambs are OK.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

    P.S.: How do you get the snow effect on your pictures?