26 December 2010

The Three Days of Christmas

Day One:

Christmas Eve Eve

Every Christmas, we hangup the collection of Christmas cards that we have received. This year, we had 49 of them (including the ones from the Christmas card exchange).

Usually, the one wall decked with cards was more than adequate, but because we had so many, we had to stick some up somewhere else.
Christmas 2010 (30)

I came up with the idea that I would stick the cards that aren’t foldable to the cupboards.
Christmas 2010 (22)

That worked well. This is our card from Ginger Jasper.
Christmas 2010 (23)

To be honest, I’d never seen such cards before. Our cards were always foldable. This is Mr. Pip’s card.
Christmas 2010 (25)

And here are some of my favourite cards:

From Charlotte:
Christmas 2010 (35)

From Toni:
Christmas 2010 (21)

And from my Granny:
Christmas 2010 (33) 

Thanks for the cards everyone!

Day Two:

Christmas Eve


Santa Paws is arriving soon. I better say up late tonight and wait for him.
Christmas 2010 (39)

This is easy! How can Santa Paws go unnoticed when I’m on duty?
Christmas 2010 (37)

Ten minutes later…

Christmas 2010 (38)

Day Three:

Christmas Day


I woke up on Christmas morning, ran straight into the kitchen to rally the troops and we all went into the sitting room and we all unwrapped our Christmas presents… and look what I got!
Christmas 2010 (40)

Oh my gosh! I couldn’t wait to use it!

I brought Pip inside once the camera had charged and I let her see her presents (she will have to share a few, though). She even got some doggy “snowballs”. The dogs love them!

What do you call this day again?
Christmas 2010 (7)


Is that why these things are sitting on my feet?
Christmas 2010 (9)


Good. I like Christmas.
Christmas 2010 (5)

And I got a toy shoe.
Christmas 2010 (14)

But seriously, where’s the food?
Christmas 2010 (11)

After helping mum with the dinner, it was time to eat up.
Christmas 2010 (15)

And boy, it was good! The dogs got the leftovers, so they will agree with me.

Did someone say turkey?
Christmas 2010 (16)

Here’s a video of Ben and Pip checking out the presents (you know, giving them a test drive!):

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as we had. Merry Christmas!




  1. We loved watching Pip and Ben play with their new presents! We had a great Christmas too. It looks like Ben and Pip will make quick work of those toys.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. merry xmas!!
    love the video, pip looks a little wary of santa in the beginning lol

  3. Wow...you got a lot of cards!

    Love the video, so fun. Don't know which toy to play with first? :)

  4. I am glad Little Pip enjoyed her first Christmas! Love the video! Little Pip is just HUGE!!!

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  5. 10 minutes? Hmm... I think that's about 10 minutes longer than Murphy would have lasted on Santa watch ;)


  6. Pip had me in stitches! Thanks for that Video and Invite me to dinner next time! Yum!

  7. Well I'd say y'all did have a very merry Christmas! Yay!

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Well it was easy to see which was Ben's favourite toy:) I'm wondering how long it survived.....:)
    Pip is cute, looking at you, sort of eyeing the toys, looking at you...
    Looks like you have done a great job on teaching her some impulse control.!

  9. Hey Green Ones!
    Wow, you sure cleaned up with the cards and the pressies! Way to score big! Love all of those cute critter cards and you have tons of them. That toy shoe looks great...safer chewing than the real thing. I'm really glad you got to have a holiday meal too! That's only right. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! :)