13 February 2011

Lambs here, lambs there, lambs everywhere!

This is the story of how my Saturday disappeared…

Yesterday started like any other. I got up, had breakfast and went out to the lambing shed at around 8am. Once we had sorted out the many ewes with their lambs that were born overnight, we had to put some of the older lambs into the field, because we had run out of room.

We decided that because these lambs were the oldest and fittest…
12-02-11 (3)

They were the ones to go.

My dad and I had the job of catching every single lamb, and putting them into a linkbox for transport. As you can see, we got there eventually.
12-02-11 (8)

I’m sure the lambs were thrilled.
12-02-11 (7)

12-02-11 (4)

12-02-11 (10)

The biggest lamb of the group was this Suffolk/Texel cross. He was also my favourite.
12-02-11 (9)

After the lambs had all been caught, it was time for Fly to help us put the ewes onto the trailer. No easy task, but Fly managed, and was watching us close the trailer’s gates when an angry ewe came up behind her and knocked her over. She was fine though. She just wanted to sit in her favourite tractor after that.
12-02-11 (14)

The ewes and lambs were then transported to the field. I was the lambs’ official driver.

When we arrived in the chosen field, the lambs were let out of the link box, while the ewes were let out of the trailer.
12-02-11 (12)

12-02-11 (13)

And once all of the ewes had found their lambs, all was calm.
12-02-11 (15)

That’s what we do this for – the quiet life!

After that, there was a pen full of younger lambs and their mums to bed with some fresh straw. Whenever we had that done, I took some photos of the lambs by sitting down in the middle of the pen.

The lambs were very nosy.
12-02-11 (28)

This one even thought I was quite tasty.
12-02-11 (39)

This lamb even came up to the camera.
12-02-11 (35)

12-02-11 (38)

12-02-11 (36)

But this lamb didn’t care that I was there at all. He was too sleepy.
12-02-11 (37)

His mum, on the other hand, didn’t like me being there.
12-02-11 (34)

This ewe reminds me of Ben a bit. Something to do with her facial expression…
12-02-11 (33)

The ewes kept a close eye on me, in case I took away their lambs.
12-02-11 (20)

12-02-11 (41)

But the lambs were looking after themselves, by keeping a close eye on me.
12-02-11 (29)

12-02-11 (27)

In this pen as well were Tilly…
12-02-11 (22)

And Bubbles.
12-02-11 (16)

And their lambs too.

This is Tilly’s female lamb:
12-02-11 (43)

And her male lamb, who has suddenly gotten over his shyness:
12-02-11 (32)

12-02-11 (23)

And this is Bubbles’ female lamb:
12-02-11 (19)

12-02-11 (25)

And her male lamb:
12-02-11 (26)

That afternoon, I finally met Darkie and her lambs. Darkie was pleased to see me.
12-02-11 (44)

12-02-11 (63)

This is Darkie’s little female, who I’ve named Sylvia.
12-02-11 (51)

12-02-11 (52)

12-02-11 (57)

I love her little spot!

And this is Sam, her male lamb:
12-02-11 (54)

12-02-11 (45)

He’s thirsty.
12-02-11 (50)

They both are.
12-02-11 (46)

Darkie’s a good mum. She can look after them both.
12-02-11 (58)

12-02-11 (60)

12-02-11 (62)

Even though Sam is always struggling to keep up!
12-02-11 (61)

Not a bad Saturday I think.
12-02-11 (59)


  1. Your sheep are beautiful! Especially little Sylvia. We had a commercial flock of sheep before we went with all jacobs and most were texel/suffolk crosses. Your pictures brought back a lot of wonderful memories!

  2. Thank you for sharing your Saturday! I would have loved to help you with all your sweet lambs and qute 'babies'! Not forgetting your adorable dogs! Hugs for them!
    Have a lovely week! Teje

  3. What a onderful Saturday you had! Such fun for a city person to see another way of life... All through our mutual love of dogs!

  4. Looks like a very busy day for all. We think Sylvie is so cute too, love that spot.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. the lambs are so cute :) and its amazing how expressive the ewes can be, very human looking sometimes :)

  6. those itty bitty lamb faces are so cute!!!

  7. Wow - those are the cutest little lambs I've ever seen! Sylva and Sam, especially. Thanks for bringing some beauty to my evening :)

  8. Aw, this is too cute! All the lambs look very yummy, um I mean, adorable. HEHEHE.


  9. that is indeed A LOT of lambs.

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  10. They are so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing...only chance I get to see sheep now, BOL!

  11. A number of years ago, the pet ewe next door gave birth to a lamb with a spot, so we called her "Polka Dot." She sadly had an accident and left for the Bridge earlier this year, but Polka Dot was a big favourite of #1's, even when she was long past her cute lamb stage. We miss her!

  12. The little lambs are so cute! You took some really great pictures. I'm so amazed at how you name them and know each one of them. There are so many and they look so much alike.