22 February 2011

Meet Grace and Georgia!

Suckie has had her lambs! They are twin ewe lambs born this morning, but very different in appearences.

This is the larger and fluffier Georgia:


And this is the smaller Grace:


Suckie has to keep an eye on me…

…And I have to keep an eye on her too, because there is one slight problem.
Favouriteism between your children is never a good idea, but this is something Suckie has decided nessesary. She loves the larger Georgia, but she doesn’t like Grace. As soon as Grace goes in to suckle, Suckie first kicks, then turns, and gives Grace a quick head-butt away. But Grace’s natural instinct to suckle is still there however, and she keeps trying, repeating the process again and again.

This means that little Grace can’t stay with her mother any more. I tried to give her a bottle feed tonight, but she was very reluctant. We’ve had to put her into the “sucking station”, which is basically two ewes in crates (lamb adapters, as they are also known) who have 4 large lambs with them. The lambs can suckle from the ewes but not get bashed around.

I’m hoping little Grace makes it through the night.


  1. We are quite in love with Gracie and are keeping all of our paws (and fingers) crossed for her. #1 once hand-fed a lamb who was too weak to suckle and remembers the experience with great joy (the lamb did make it).

  2. Congratulations to Suckie, sure hope Gracie makes it though. Sometimes that survival of the fittest thing needs to be adjusted!!

  3. Oh! How sweet! Gracie has to make it! We just won't see it any other way. I love the thought of farm living but it sure sounds a little hard when it comes to new life. Hoping for only the best!

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  5. We hope Gracie will be OK. Are there reasons the mom will reject the lamb? We know that birds often toss out the babies that are defective. C'mon, Suckie, give Gracie a chance.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. I came here to read all about another Georgia and am now quite sad to hear about Grace. I hope she'll be okay. Lambs are so sweet [and I don't mean in a mint sauce way].

  7. Ahh, come on little Grace. We're pulling for you!

  8. Oh no, I hope little Grace is OK. My paws are crossed for her.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  9. Grace sounds like a strong little lamb, if she kept making attempts to nurse off her mum despite being repeatedly bashed. I'm sure she'll do fine at the 'sucking station'.
    I always found when the lambs got hungry enough they were pretty happy to take the bottle, but it's much better if you can get their mother or another ewe to feed them. There are special small nipples for tiny lambs, but I just used a regular baby bottle.
    We used to have the odd lamb too that the mother didn't want for some reason. There were times when it seemed like the ewe was colour prejudiced, as a white ewe that had a black lamb and a white lamb would decide she didn't like the black one, or vice versa with a black ewe.
    Because we only had a few ewes, I was able to go out with a bucket of grain and distract the ewe while the lamb she didn't like nursed, or I would leave a halter on her and just hold her still.
    Anyway, I'm pulling for little Grace, hope she does okay:)

  10. Ow....what a cute little lamb

  11. Little Grace, be brave and stay strong!!! YOu will be in our thoughts too!

  12. Wow, they are both too cute. Very sweet pix of the new little ones. I hope mamma gets ith the program here and my paws are crossed for little Grace. Keep us posted!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Oh little Grace!! I hope you grow big and strong!