6 March 2011

Drawing Sheep

Yesterday was yet another busy Saturday. After checking the ewes with Fly…
05-03-11 (1)

…It was time to bring some ewe-lambs (1-year-olds) from an out farm back to the main farm. Kim was loaded into the Land Rover and we set off.

Kim loves to look out of the back window.
05-03-11 (4)
05-03-11 (6)

She even has a chin rest.
05-03-11 (5)

Kim loves being in the Land Rover.
05-03-11 (8)

She knows that the Land Rover means work. Who doesn’t like work?
05-03-11 (11)

Kim’s rounding up isn’t the most elegant thing in the world, but it works.
05-03-11 (12)

05-03-11 (15)

05-03-11 (16)

05-03-11 (17)

05-03-11 (14)

After the flock had been rounded up, we ‘drew’ them home. Kim was able to put the ewe-lambs into the trailer with ease, and we were on our way home with our first trailer full of lambs very quickly.

While we were on the road, Kim had a quick break in the back of the Land Rover.
05-03-11 (18)

But she was soon required again, to put more sheep on the trailer. We had six trips in all - that is about 105 ewe-lambs.

The lambs in the Sucking Station had a rather more relaxing day…

And Ben didn’t do anything all day either.
05-03-11 (2)

05-03-11 (3)


  1. Hello! Lovely post with beautiful photos! Great to see the dog and sheep together!
    Your backround is wonderful!
    Wishes from Teje and Nero

  2. Looks like Kim was enjoying getting to work the sheep!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Well... Ben didn't do anything except look extreme handsome and manly!!!


  4. Wow! Kim is amazing. She clearly loves her job. And I'm sure Ben was supervising, even if it was from a distance.

  5. Very impressive! Kim, you're a working dog with style! Love it!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of work. Good job Kim! :)

  7. Fascinating...I woould love to be there helping...I know a bit about horses, and sheep would be just great to learn about!