20 April 2011

Bath Time!

We only give our dogs baths in the warmer Spring/Summer months, so between those times they can get just a little smelly. In fact, none of the dogs had been given a bath since last August, and Pip had never even had a bath at all! The next two weeks are to be warm and sunny, so giving the dogs a bath while the sun shines was on the top of my agenda.

Sheila was up first, and as soon as she saw the quad parked next to the house, she knew what was happening.

Something wet.

Sheila hates all aspects of this job - can you tell?

That's one clean dog (for now)!

Next, it was Pip's turn. This was her first bath so I was very careful not to cause her to be any more scared than she already was after the first rinse.

She attempted an escape!

But she didn't mind the shampoo as much.

But with the final rinse, she looked terribly unhappy.

(I think that photo's kinda freaky. Her head looks massive.)

Then it was Kim's turn. She's the best at standing to get washed and behaves very well.

She was very good at getting wet.

Soaped up...

And rinsed off.

She's actually looking at the sheep in the field. That kept her entertained!

Last but not least was Ben. He was also very good. He was the dirtiest too.

Such a sad (but clean) boy...

A brush and a blow-dry later, Pip looked stunning.

That leaves four clean dogs, fit for cuddles!

And this morning, I found a dog licence for Jack. It finally reveals his birthday - October 2nd. I look forward to it...


  1. Oh, no!!!! Bath faces!!! We don't get baths but once or twice a year too; and Mum always thinks we smell great, like the Earth, she says :)

  2. My dog doesn't like bath time. I have to be careful not to let hime see me with bath towels or he knows and won't come to me when I call him! He doesn't behave to badly, he just can't wait till it's over! He looks like a skinny rat when he's wet! Your dogs look beautiful! Have a nice Easter holiday!

  3. If looks could kill, you would be in big trouble - very unhappy looking pups, but oh so beautiful once they are done. We only get baths 2 or 3 times a year and it mostly to help get out all the shedding furs.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Wow, that is a lot of work. I hate just giving one of ours a bath.

  5. Oh my gosh. I have never seen that many sad depressed face EVER before!!! :((((

  6. You dogs are lucky you only to have baths once in awhile! I get one almost every week! YUCK!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. I work SOOOOO hard at not getting a bath. Find me a half-way clean pond anywhere and I'm home free. I feel your pain, guys!!!

    Pee Ess: Pip looks about how I feel when I get a bath......

  8. i believe georgia may be packing her bag and taking the next flight out to greenhill farm. she is not a fan of her [almost daily] hose downs. [as much for rinsing off allergans as mud.] she does like the hairdryer a lot though and will sit in place until i blow her toasty warm. even when there's no real need to.

  9. Ben is gorgeous! Very fluffy. My boys get baths every two weeks, and come home smelling wonderful. :)

  10. You guys look like you hate taking a bath...I see it through your eyes