16 April 2011

Charlotte's Visit

One of my friends from school, Charlotte, came for a visit yesterday.

Here she is with her favourite dog - Little Pip!

What a pair of posers!

The last time Charlotte was here, it was September and Little Pip was actually little - just 6 weeks old!

Pip was very happy to see Charlotte again.

How sweet!

But Charlotte wasn't just here to see Pip. She came to see the sheep too. This lamb was born when she was here and she helped us bring him and his mum in from the field.

She wasn't even afraid of the newborn lamb gloop!

After that drama, we had some fun in the house with Little Pip.

There's even one of me in there for good measure!

I hope you enjoyed your visit, Charlotte - Pip can't wait to meet you again!



  1. Looks like she and Pip are best buddies. :)

  2. Always fun to have a good time with good friends and furiends.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Pip has the prettiest eyes in the world!

  4. Oh, baby Pip! You were soooo cute! And still are, of course. :)

  5. Awwww!! Yes, Baby Pip is too adorable. My boss is considering getting a border collie in the future and I considered showing her your pics of Pip b/c I love him so much! Good to see you and your friend - she seems pretty cool to not be disgusted by the lamb goop :)