11 April 2011

How Many Sprollies Does it Take to Get a Ball Out of a Corner?

Ben and Jack had a fun day yesterday. The sun really shone and it was beautiful!

Jack hoarding the ball:

Watching the two Sprollies play was really funny, because they were both so silly! Jack insisted on having the ball all to himself (as he usually does) but Ben wanted Jack to play with him instead. This led to a lot of ball movement from dog-to-dog!

Ben has it (Jack wants it)!

Ben has the ball firmly in his grip!

My goodness! He's actually got it!

One very happy Sprollie!

Jack is nine-years-old, but still has the energy to put up with Ben's teasing!

Ben's got the ball again (I love his sly look at me here).

Jack's got it.

Ben's got it.

Oooh! Ben's playing dirty (I'm sure he learned that from Sheila)!

He's got it back!

How many Sprollies does it take to get a ball out of a corner? One, and an onlooker.

Ben's "I'm gonna try to jump over Jack" moment.

Don't let it escape!

Looks like Jack's lost the ball again...

I promised my Gran that I wouldn't let the dogs on the plants...

Uh... we'll ignore that...

Ben lunges!

And succeeds in getting the ball back (another smug face from Ben)!

The subtle approach...

Now that the dogs were tired, it was time for that all-important photo:

Those were hard to get because Jack's sit-stay is really rubbish. As soon as I moved, he would move too.

By now both dogs were tired, so Ben gave up trying to get the ball and decided to stare at me instead.

At least Jack got some peace and quiet.

But Ben wasn't happy. So he started digging...

"Wasn't me."

And then he started to eat the cardboard that I was sitting on.

Enjoying that Ben?


  1. Sprollie fun on a lovely Irish day!
    Plants, I didn't see any plants...all looked like grass to me:)
    That eye shot is really good, but also kind of creepy:(

  2. good to know that Sky isn't the only pup that eats cardboard lol even if you are still using the box :/ :p

  3. What a fun time on a beautiful spring day!!

  4. Looks like they had a great time with the ball. :)

  5. I don't always comment, but I do enjoy reading your blog! Your dogs always look happy and Ben and Jack's coats look gorgeous in the sunshine! What fun!

  6. Looks like a great game! My mom's camera just died. What kind of camera do you use? We always love your pictures.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  7. Awesome eye picture!

    The boys look like they were having a grand time. :)

  8. What silly kids you have there...Great action pics!