5 April 2011

Mother’s Day Visit

On Sunday, Pip and myself went to visit one of my grannies (who I call Nana). To help Pip adjust to the busy town, I took her for a walk along the busy road outside the house.
03-04-11 (1)

We saw some horses.

And some large and scary Labradors jumped out of their garden to meet Pip.
03-04-11 (3)

The brown dog was very friendly and came over to meet Pip some more.
03-04-11 (4)

03-04-11 (5)

Where ya goin’?
03-04-11 (7)

Once we returned to the house, Pip went exploring.

This bed is comfy!
03-04-11 (12)

Poor Pip had to stand outside while we had scones…
03-04-11 (9)

…But she was back inside in time to play with a tennis ball.
03-04-11 (20)

03-04-11 (22)

03-04-11 (24)

03-04-11 (18)

And she did some posing too!
03-04-11 (25)

03-04-11 (27)

03-04-11 (16)

And just before we left, I managed to snap this photo of me and Pip.
03-04-11 (30)


  1. Great day out for Pip. Both Pip and her human have beautiful eyes:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Pip is so beautiful! I loved these photos.

  3. Oh what a great day. Those labs were good looking!
    Great pic of you and pip!

  4. You must celebrate Mother's Day on a different day than we do in the US.

    Pip, oh how I love your ears!!!

  5. Looks like Pip had a great day out. That brown dog sure does look friendly, but that is a lab for you. :)

    Very cute photo of you and Pip as well. :)

  6. great photos :) and she is such a happy looking pup!

  7. Beautiful photo of you and Pip at the end there! How cool that Pip got to be Queen of the Roost for a day at Nana's house!! I bet she really liked her alone time with you. Pip's a better girl than Riley...those Labradors would have scared Riley half to death! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  8. You always have the best pictures! You both look great and very happy!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Pip looks so happy in the first picture! What a cutie. :)