3 May 2011

Ben & Pip ::: Side by Side

I simply adore that photo. It just makes me smile.

In January, I took some photos (see them here) of Ben and Pip together, so I could compare Pip's growth to him.

As you can see, she's huge!

Being half-brother and sister (on their mother's side), they are very similar in appearance.

Pip's now 8 months old. It doesn't seem that long since she was just a day old.

The quad is a very useful for family portraits.

And that wind was still blowing strong...

And here are a few outtakes for your enjoyment:


  1. Oh my, I love it too! What a wonderful shot! They really look like brother and sister now. Can't call her little Pip anymore. You have quite a pair there! Lucky you!

  2. Stunning photo's - as always xxx

  3. awww :D you can def. tell they are related :)

  4. She has caught up to her brother:) Both are so beautiful.

    Thunder and Ciara are half siblings too, but on the father's side. They are built totally differently and yet one can still see the family link. They both have fantastic dispositions, but again very different.

    Love all your photos again.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. What a lovely pair of half siblings they are! They look stunning, so sweet !!!

  6. These really are some great pictures! You're such pawretty doggies! And I LOVE those ears! :) :)

    Woofs & hugs,