14 June 2011

Green Dog TV - Ben and the Lambs

Ben is in love. With some lambs, that is.

We have nine pet lambs at the moment. Ben is good friends with all of them.

Let me take you on a quick tour...

So you got that all then? Good.

I then decided it would be fun to get some photos of the lambs in their pen.

This is a ewe lamb:

And one of the rams:

And a little one with horns:

And the big ram:

But while I was getting into my stride...

Oh, Ben! You are silly sometimes!


  1. We LOVE Green TV - keep 'em coming!!! It was a lot of fun to meet the lambs and to see Ben there too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. That was great - beats Tuesday night TV any day. Tha lambs are all lovely but we like Archibald 2nd especially! Ben is such a great looking dog, love it that he wants to lick their ears, these would probably just want to bite their ankles. More please! xxxx

  3. That was great! I loved meeting all the lambs and Ben was so funny! He reminds me a lot of my Riley :)

  4. Those lamb know how to pose too, fantastic pictures and video.

  5. That lambs are adorable, and that last picture is just too funny!