18 June 2011

Little Pip's Road Trip

Pip was ready to go!

We went with some lambs to a collection point, which just happens to be where Ben and Pip were both born. But unlike her pups, Rua is extremely camera shy. Thankfully she was curious enough about Pip to make her oblivious to the camera...

Can you see Rua's wall eye? It's just adorable!

After that lucky close-up, shy Rua ran off and watched us from a distance.

But I have a lot to thank Rua for - she gave me two beautiful brown dogs, Ben and Pip.



  1. Rua is very pretty. I am sure she is very proud of her boys.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  2. And beautiful brown boys they are! How lucky to get to know your dogs' pawrents!

    -Rottie Kisses

  3. Seems like some happy pups. :)

  4. I was just hopping by, and I love your blog! Beautiful dogs, beautiful farm- we'll be back!

  5. And Rua is a beauty--no wonder Pip and Ben are such gorgeous dogs!

  6. All of you look so great! Gorgeous!!

  7. We're new to the dog blog world! Just want to stop by and say what gorgeous dogs!

  8. I can definently see the family resemblance! Pip has become as lovely as her mother.