1 July 2011

Ben on the Promenade

While my mum was away to the town to gather supplies (apples, carrots, etc.), I took the opportunity to take Ben to Newcastle Promenade.

It looked like it was raining out at sea.

No life guards on duty? Maybe there's a vacancy?

It's a shame I'm scared of the sea.

Is this a beach? Looks like some stones to me.

As somewhere to sit goes, it has a good view.

Ben had never been to the Promenade before, but I think he enjoyed it.

Promenades are fun!

(Ben always looks sad, so don't judge things by his facial expression!)


  1. Hiya! Dropping in to say Hi and see your lovely photo's, we're having a summer photo competition and this would be perfect - how spooky is that! Don't forget to send it in, bye for now Ben, Dex & Lou xxx

  2. Hi Ben,

    Wow, the sea!!! I have never been to the sea before. We live near Lake Michigan, but that's not the same. You are a lucky dog!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. What beautiful pictures of Ben and the sea!

  4. Ben, you look beautiful on the promenade, even if you are afraid of the sea!

  5. The sea can be scary and it looks much safer from up on the Promenade! You look very handsome in your pics!

  6. Ben, you are so lucky. We wish we lived close enough to the ocean to be able to go see it. You look very good in all your pics.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Your looking good Ben. I have not been to the sea yet. I have to talk to mom about that!

  8. I don't think he looks sad, I think he looks dignified!