31 July 2011

Job Seeking

Pip's fast-approaching her first birthday, and last week, I decided to put her to work.

Her interest in sheep is a casual one. Sometimes, she goes around the sheep like a pro, while others, she shows little interest. Whenever Sheila's with her, though, she finds the work a little more engaging. Sheila is the perfect working partner for Pip. Sheila knows what she's doing, for a start, and also is braver. Two things Pip lacks, through no fault of her own.

Another thing that Sheila can do that Pip can't, is get through gates.

With Pip, I'm going to try and teach her on the job. I find that Sheila is a very different dog inside the Shepherd's Pie than out, but I will be letting Pip have a go in the Pie as soon as I get some sheep for it.

Hello, I'm waiting for you to open this gate.

And this one.

Fly can't jump through gates either, so she has to wait too.

Out in the fields, though, Pip finds sheep a lot more interesting.



When she's finished, she comes running back.

And the sheep are left to wonder what on Earth is going on.

Now I'd like to introduce you all to Scruffy, a Bearded Collie who lives with Ben and Pip's mum, Rua.

She moves around a lot, so it's hard to get a decent photograph of her. While I was there, I saw Rua too.

She was watching the treats in my hand.

Treats are good.



  1. I love all your pup pics. Pip looks like she had a good time!

  2. Rua is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see pictures of Pip working!! Those sheep won't know hat hit them!!

  3. Nothing like an older and experienced dog to teach the younger one. We bet Pip catches on in no time at all. Isn't Rua just so very beautiful!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Every young dog needs a mentor! Maybe you can teach Sheila to open the gate for Pip, then they'd be a perfect match to work together!

  5. Those sheep look so confused!

    We think Scruffy looks like our Butter.

    Found you one the Blog Hop

    Sugar the Who

  6. Rua is a beauty! Will enjoy seeing Pip gain competence with the sheep. Border collies and their kin just simply must have a job in order to be happy.

    That sprint back from her adventure with the herd shows her joy at having found her calling in life.

    Wonderful pics. Keep it up.

  7. Pip really takes after her mom! She'll get there in the end. One year is still just a pup! :)