3 July 2011

Once upon a time, long ago...

Fly had a litter of puppies. I had feared that this momentous event had gone un-photographed. But last night, I found some photos of Fly with her litter.

Fly looks very proud of her babies.

I am overwhelmed with the cuteness of these photos!

And here's a puppy outside.

I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane!


  1. Wow what cute Pupster photo's, and what agreat find if you thought you didn't have any. Thank you so much for thinking of us with the award, we're very honoured to be included. Have a great week Ben and family, Dex & Lou xxx

  2. I am overwhelmed with the cuteness, too. Fly looks like a great mom!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Oh how adorable! Bet she was a very good mama.

  4. Fly looks like a natural mother. Did she have two pups or three?

    Thanks for dropping by Oscar's blog! We love making new blogging friends. :D

  5. Doesn't it just give you such a great feeling when you find surprise photos like these? Thanks for sharing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Puppies!!! One of the truly best things about life.


  7. Wonderful that you found the photos! We enjoyed them too!

  8. What a great find! The pups are adorable. :)