6 July 2011

Sheep Northern Ireland 2011

Ah, sheep. Now where have I seen them before?

The Sheep Northern Ireland (N.I.) event is held every two years at Ballymena Livestock Mart. It was my first time going to Monday 4th July.

I saw breeds I knew, like this Swaledale.

And this Texel.

As well as this Hampshire Down.

The sheep were inside, but it was really hot because it was boiling outside!

There were quite a few crossbreeds there, showing off what would happen if you chose that particular breed and took it home to your own ewes/rams.

Then there were some stranger-looking breeds that I can't remember the names of.

Then there was the most exciting bit, the moment I had travelled an hour and a half to see... the sheepdog auction. Dogs would work in a field in front of bidders and then sold. Prices were poor and few dogs were sold, but I still enjoyed it!

Stand off! 

When we'd seen enough, we walked back to the jeep via the dog vans. I spotted a lovely dog sitting next to her owner's vehicle.

Her puppies were being sold that day. So cute!

But alas, I'm not allowed another puppy...


  1. I one of those pups too! Their mom is a beauty!
    I like those Rasta Sheep at the end! What a fun day. I would have love to see the sheepdog sale. Surprising the prices and sale were low.

  2. sheep with dreadlocks! cool :D

  3. That looks like a day well spent! Good job resisting such adorable pups; I'm not sure I'd be able to!

  4. What do trained dogs sell for in Ireland?

  5. great pics..my BC is named Pippin!