9 July 2011

Test Your Pet!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?

In May 2004, the BBC ran a survey to find out more about the Nation's pets, and they called it Test Your Pet. I recorded the programmes and still watch them now and again, but this time I had some test subjects.

So I'll go through the tests one by one, and give each dog's result.


Test 1 - Paw Preference

This test was designed to find out which paw your pet preferred.

Sheila - right-pawed
Pip - scared of the cup
Ben - also scared of the cup

Ben and Pip terrified of cups - whatever next?!

Test 2 - Flip the Tin

How much initiative do my dogs have?

Sheila - 5 points - flipped it right over
Pip - 1 point - scared of the cup
Ben - 1 point - also scared of the cup

(The points were part of the TV show's survey, and help me to work out the winner).

Sheila's not scared of cups! Hoorah!

Test 3 - Drop the Treat

How does the world work?

Sheila - 3 points - looked at the floor, then the table
Pip - 5 points - watched the table
Ben - 5 points - also watched the table

Clever Pip!

Test 4 - Round the Bend

Problem solving - no problem!

Sheila - 3 points - took a minute, but worked it out eventually
Pip - 5 points - went round the bend straight away
Ben - 3 points - took a while, but worked it out eventually

Sheila's friends couldn't help her with this one.

Test 5 - Command of Language

Listen to me!

Sheila - 1 point - 6 commands
Pip - 1 point - 3 commands
Ben - 1 point - 5 commands

"Sit amongst stuffed collies" doesn't count, Pip.

Test 6 - Pull the String

Are you pulling my leg?

Sheila - 3 points - got it eventually
Pip - 1 point - went off to do something else
Ben - 1 point - licked my face

Sheila did the best in this test.

Test 7 - Hide and Seek


Sheila - 1 point - forgot a treat was there
Pip - 1 point - forgot
Ben - 1 point - ate a decoy, then forgot

I forgot what?

And the winner is...

Sheila and Pip with 16 out of 30 points each!

Ben came third with 12/30.

Well done, girls! And Ben too.

Here's a link to the tests for other pets, including dogs, cats, horses and fish: Test Your Pet Tests. The tests are really fun and interesting, and please let me know your results if you decide to have a go.



  1. This is hysterical! Better luck next time, Ben!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. HAHA I am going to try this tomorrow :)

  3. Oh no, now you did it - we see some testing in our future. But it sure does look interesting.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I may have to try this with Riley! So now we all know that GIRLS are smarter than boys...right? Haha!

    Elyse and Riley

    P.S.--thanks for the Ben fix!! :)

  5. How cool!! I'll get Ruger to try these through out the week. Some I already know he will do great on, others I'm not so sure. He will enjoy the 'games' for sure.

    Your dogs are beautiful. Ruger's 'cousin' is a Border Collie.

    Annie (the Mumma)

  6. Pip blends right in with all those stuffies! Will have to give the test a try. :)

  7. I finally had time to try the test out! :) Riley won! But Grace wasn't too far behind :) Check out my blog for the individual results. Thanks for posting this! It was really fun!!!