31 August 2011

Teddy's Toy Pile

Teddy loves playing.

And he's lucky because he's got a lot of toys to choose from!

He has to keep them all together so they don't try to run off.

Sometimes the toys fight back.

Posing with toys is very important too.

Let's just say that posing is very important.


  1. Poor Teddy. You must be totally exhausted at the end of each day. So much hard work!


  2. Oh! my goodness! There is nothing like a puppy to warm your heart. New addition most wonderful! Congratulations! Love the pictures! So-o-o sweet!

  3. Vof Teddy! You are the sweetest puppy! And what a great bunch of toys you have keeping you busy all day!
    Hugs from Nero

  4. Our first order collie decided as a puppy that every evening she was obliged to gather a shoe from every member of the family as we slept, use them as her toys, and then fall asleep on the pile.

    Several pairs of shoes later, we learned to always store them in the closets.

    Strangest breed of dog ever. And we love them so.

  5. Awww... Teddy. You are such a wonderful poser! Love those puppy eyes, the puppy fur, the perfect little puppy teeth... (I'm such a sucker for puppies!)