16 October 2011

Introducing Pip's Angry Face

It is actually seriously terrifying.

Give me toy. *Death glare*

I think she's been having lessons from Sheila...

Teddy's too cute to be affected by a death glare. It just bounces off his nose.

See how he just watches as Ben and Pip become entangled in a mass of teeth and flailing limbs?

Pip's friggin' scary. But also a bit weird. As are Ben's eyes...

Teddy is too cute to be weird.

He stares Sprollies in the face. And smiles.

That smile would melt a glacier.

Teddy likes to follow Ben's example. Chasing Pip with that poor hedgehog is a fun activity.

But mostly he's just cute.

Pip is really good at being tall and slim.

Teddy wants.

Teddy tries to get.

Teddy gets.

Teddy runs.

In the war of Sprollies vs. Border Collies, Sprollie wins.

Like his half-sister, Ben can be really scary when he wants to.

Teddy is usually at the receiving end of the teeth. But it is understandable. He does nothing but annoy others.

Me? Never. *Cheesy grin*

Pip runs away with Christmas.

Teddy stares anger in the face. And then he steels its toy.




  1. Looks like they are all having a great time.

  2. Teddy's smile sure melts me!

  3. glad to found you thru Saturday Pet blogger Hop...those pictures are so dynamic; I like the war of the Sprollies vs. border collies best...:)

  4. Oh my gosh, what fabulous photos!!! I want to reach through the screen and cuddle all of them, even Pip with his angry face LOL. Glad to have found you though the Hop! :)

  5. Yes, I am super scared now...

    Swing on by for a visit some time!

  6. It is hard work being super cute all the time :-)

  7. The glare is seriously not scary...it's too cute! ;)