5 October 2011

Life Lesson #163 - Footballs are Cool

Look at this Teddy - it's called a football. You can play with it, chase it and stop short of eating it...

But I'm afariad you can't play with it just yet - because it's mine.

And because it's mine, not yours, I shall go around the yard with it. For fun.

Whoops! Dropped it. Teddy, don't you dare...

Little thief!

Hey, Ted, what's up?

Hey, dogs, come here! I have treeeats!

Treats? I'm coming!


Good dogs, Ben and Pip, you can have some.

Will pose for food.

Another treat for you, Ben!

I'm here - what did I miss?

Nothing much, Teddy. Now, smile everyone!

Well, almost.

PS: We shall not discuss why the football is a 'My Little Pony' one. We shall not...


  1. The My Little Pony ball, well it's a leftover from your younger years, that was waiting for a good use, and now you've found it!:)
    Oops, I guess we weren't going to discuss that!
    Pip looks just like Luna with a ball:)
    I like the basketball size, it's just that bit too big for them to get their teeth into it.
    Teddy is a nice contrast to the two 'red and whites'.

  2. I bet they don't care just so it's a ball! They are so cute!

  3. My Little Pony huh? We could tease you but we won't.
    Teddy, your still so cute! Nice that Pip is playing with you and teaching you new things : )

  4. Just stumbled across your site from Luna's blog - seems like you fellas know how to enjoy a good game of football! :o) Woofs from Alfie

  5. Oh, Teddy. Could you get any cuter?