8 December 2011

A Year of Ben in Pictures ::: Year One

Earlier this week, Ben turned two-years-old, so now it's time to see how this year went.

Celebrating his birthday at 1 year.

At 1 year, 1 month Ben spends a lot of time indoors.

At 1 year, 2 months Ben celebrated his Gotcha Day!

At 1 year, 3 months I made Ben wear a party hat, 'cause I'm mean like that.

At 1 year, 4 months poor Ben had a bath. He didn't like it.

At 1 year, 5 months Ben turned superhero!

At 1 year, 6 months he helped my revise for my GCSEs.

At 1 year, 7 months he still had his KONG.

At 1 year, 8 months Ben hung out with his half-sister Pip.

At 1 year, 9 months Ben showed Teddy how to pose.

At 1 year, 10 months Ben met a sparkly pumpkin.

At 1 year, 11 months Ben still managed to look sad.

And at 2 years, he celebrated his birthday!

What a good year Ben's had!


  1. D'aaaw! It's amazing how quickly they grow. Alfie's nearly ten months now... He's huge!

  2. Have a great second year Ben. Great year in pictures!

  3. What great photos

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Ben looks like you have had a great year! I wish you many more.