2 January 2012

Through the Ages

Fly's birthday is on New Year's Day every year because no-one bothered to write her actual birthday down. So her birthday could be today, tomorrow or several months away - we just don't know. But I think it's nice to have a date for her birthday, and at least you don't forget this one! Nineteen now, and what a pretty girl.

Ben and his scruffy ears. At least we know when his birthday is.

And then there's Teddy who reminds us of lovely Fly in so many ways.

Let's just hope that both boys live as long and well as Fly has so far.


  1. 19 years old?!? That's for ever in dog years! And she looks pawmazing!

    Wags, wiggles and birthday slobbers

  2. 19 years! What an achievement. I hope she has healthy and happy days (months, years) ahead.

  3. Such beautiful animals. When you love animals enough they become like family. I can tell all of these belong to a family unit. We recused our pug which was starving and had a hernia and worm, that was seven years ago. Now he is a family member, a person with fur.