26 February 2012

In Which There is a Lot of Updatage

These days, I'm a busy person. The big camera comes out only for college work, so the little one hangs around in my trouser pocket and waits to be used. So this post is going to be very long, and even then it hasn't all of the updates that I need to catch up with. And so, to begin...

Tilly and Merc Update
A long time ago, I announced the birth of Merc (last year, come to think of it). You can have a look at little Merc here. He was tricky to track down, but I found him eventually.

He made an appearance when we were putting some ewes and lambs into his field. He found the smaller lambs simply fascinating. He kept walking over to them and giving them a sniff, before jumping back as if shocked.

Not to be left out, Tilly wandered over and demanded some food.

I demand meal, as there is only fresh spring grass here which holds much flavour. It's not as if I need the meal, but it would be most pleasant.

My answer to that demand was simple, direct and easy to understand.



This Lamb is Awesome
This lamb is jet black, but has a brown patch over one eye. Yes, you read correctly. A brown patch over one eye. This is worthy of a photo.

A brown patch over one eye for no apparent reason!

...And no, I am not overreacting.


Lambs in General (that is, with normal markings and not a brown patch over one eye)
This lamb is sleeping(ish).

This lamb is being watched.

This lamb has really fluffy ears. And speckles.

This lamb is not a lamb at all, but in fact a Sprollie, and a Ben, and is watching some lambs.

This lamb has a turtle neck.


Teddy and the Noise of Insufferable Doom and Gloom
Teddy hates, with a passion, anything with engine noise. He can't stand the quad, the tractor - the car and Land Rover don't seem to bother him too badly - and so he runs away. Goes to sit beside either Jack, Fly or Ben and refuses to acknowledge my existence and calling of his name until the Thing Of Noise has stopped being noisy. Then he's all happy.

For a dog who has daily exposure to the noises of such things, and has done since he was born, most likely, it makes absolutely no sense. That's why he's never smiling when abord the tractor.

I am miserable.

You see me? This is me, being both bored and miserable at the same time. The misery...

Stop looking at me like that. It's not funny.


This is a Happy Dog
Happy Dog, meet your readership.

Hi, readership!

Thank you and goodbye.


Random Things That Don't Fit Anywhere Else
Teddy's face away from The Noise. Somehow, he's still miserable.

Just Sheila.


An Award!
And now I'm making an 'L' with my fingers agaisnt my forehead and shouting, "Losers!"

Or maybe not. Ahem. Anyway. I won an award for being a Versitile Blogger, with thanks to Brianne. Visit her blog (...but not now, like later, once you've finished here. Who am I kidding, you're already gone. I don't blame you, it's a lovely blog).

Here's the award:

And I'll - if I have time - pass it on to some other blogs and give you some juicy facts about myself. But I've already been typing this for an hour and if I don't stop soon, I will never stop.


Excuse Me...
...can I say hello to my readership?


  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy.

    I would wonder if Teddy might have a hearing problem. That could cause the dislike of engine noises.

  2. Great update and pictures! I love that pic of the black lamb with the brown patch over one eye. How adorable!!

  3. poor teddy :( sky hates noises like that too, but loves ambulance sirens, very odd little dog

  4. Teddy's misery pictures almost overwhelmed me - the horrible suffering - fortunately, the amazing black sheep with the brown patch left me in awe and amazement, and the closing peekaboo shot...nice way to leave us wanting more :-)