27 April 2012

Attention Wars

When you're in the lambing shed you attention is required in all directions. We have only five more ewes to lamb so they are all out in the field. It's like a breath of fresh air - for them and us. But with the ewes enjoying their time back outside, our attention was only required to feed the pet lambs. And this year we've been luck enough to be left with two.

This is Bart:

He is so-called because until a week or so ago he was blind and Dad came to call him Blind Bartimaeus. So I shortened it to Bart and the name stuck. As you can see now his eyes are nice and clear and he can see perfectly.

He only needed milk because his mother had another lamb to feed and she wasn't quite managing. He wasn't a full pet lamb, more of a part-timer. He did enjoy his milk, though.

He was a good doer. He's out in the field now with his mum and brother and doing very well indeed.

The pair are both every economical with their milk.

But when Bart had taken his milk then there was another lamb who wanted it too-

No, Pip, not you. She has this new habit of jumping into things to gain our attention. It works when we're not busy with lambs, madam.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, the other craving our attention...

...Is this little fellow:

And his name - you'll love this -  is Allhesgettin. Just think All He's Getting, but say it faster. Allhesgettin has an interesting family tree. His mother is none other than Georgia, and his grandmother none other than Suckie. He's Suckie's grandson.

In true Suckie family fashion, Georgia didn't want to look after her lamb. So she's in a field while up until this week we were feeding young Allhesgettin here.

He's off to a new home and mummy now. Good luck, Allhesgettin! (It's all he's getting.)

And now, Pip can finally have my attention. Stop looking at me like that.

That's better.


  1. Squee! So much cuteness in this post!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Just love the pictures and narration!!!! The lambs are so cute. Our horse barn has had several babies this year and it is so fun to watch them.
    (A note from Sammy to Pip: Hey Pip, just start barking at them when they don't pay proper attention! That's what I do when mom gets on the phone and she is forced to talk outside or barricade herself in a room away from me. I can tell you, it really gets everyone's attention!)
    ---From all your friends at The Rose Jugglers