21 April 2012

Would Have Been Wood

There used to be a wooden fence which extended the reach of the concrete wall which separates my Granny's garden and the lane. It had been there for as long as I could remember, but the wooden stakes holding it up were rotting in the ground. It made the thing wobble in even the slightest of breezes.

So it was decided that it should be pulled down. I suggested we pull it down by hand but Dad went for the option of the tractor. It wasn't long until the fence was down (and I did help by pulling one end of it down by hand), cut up and burnt in the fire to keep us warm.

The fence, however, was always a useful thing. It stopped dogs escaping from the garden when I didn't want them to. Now they jump on and off the wall and in and out of the garden without batting an eyelid. Pip makes daily voyages into the garden to check the plants.

But there is one advantage - no fence means that I have somewhere else to take photographs of the dogs. There would have been a fence behind Ben and Pip here:

...As demonstrated by Sheila and Kim a few years ago:

It also means that I can shoot in the other direction.

But Teddy, for some reason best known to his good self, doesn't like posing on the wall. He's try to jump up, watch the other dogs up there with green eyes, but he dislikes actually being on the wall. The wonders of Teddy never cease.

And it's not because young Ted's scared of heights, oh no - he loves getting onto the concrete platform that is in front of one of the houses in the yard.

They all love it up there, actually. Sheila does:

Ben does:

And Pip does:

But Teddy still a handsome man - even at ground level.

And at least at ground level, he doesn't have to look up.



  1. Beautiful pictures of the dogs! It seems you all had some good and warm weather.

  2. What great pictures! It's funny how Teddy won't go up on the wall. Just one of his little quirks I guess. LOL! Have a Happy Earth Day!