5 June 2012


It may have escaped your attention, but I have been neglecting this blog a little lately. There is just so much stuff going on at the farm right now that when I do get onto the laptop the last thing I wish to do is to type about what I've been doing. This upset the dogs and they sent me a formal complaint which goes as follows:

Dear Mum,
Please stop wasting time on-line talking about films and TV that you like - talk about us for a change. In short: get your act together, woman!
Love; Sheila, Pip, Teddy, Ben and Jack

I told them that I was too busy to take lots of pictures right now, but I also said that they could have a go at blogging if they thinks it's so easy. I strapped a camera to their collars and let them have a go. I'll hand you over to Teddy and Pip...

Pip: Hello. Oh, this is exciting. This is my first photo. Mum was trying to explain how the buttons worked to me and so I was giving the camera my full attention. That grass does look tasty.

This is Mum's Welly boot. I often follow her at her heels, you see. Sometimes even when she doesn't want me to.

This is what my tummy looks like when I'm sitting down. It's not usually that dirty, but I've been doing a lot of work this past week. I realise that there is a solution to the dirty tummy, but I shan't go into it.

This is a similar photo of my leg.

Teddy: Hello, everyone! I took this picture of the sky when the camera got stuck on top of the ball I was strutting around the garden with.

This is a detailed study of grass and sky. There are quite a few like these.

In this one you can see both my chin and Mum. She's pointing at something. Probably the sky.

Mum helped me to take this one of Pip.

Pip: I followed Teddy's example and took a picture of the sky.

That's where Granny keeps the oil for the heating.

I think that's a bit of my ear.

Here we have grass and my muddy tummy.

In this one Mum is holding Teddy's football to ransom.

This one is of my tummy again. I need a ba-- nope. I still can't say it.

Teddy: The sky is nice in this one, I think.

This one's a nice close-up of my football.

And finally this is one of the footpath.

See, Mum, we can take photos too. Maybe you should let us take the pictures from now on...

OK, so that was an interesting experiment at least. But what do you think? Have I just lost my job to a pair or canines?


  1. This is so adorable! Totally made me laugh. Where did you find this camera? Thats so fun!!!

    Paige & Simba & Rocky

  2. My mommy sent you an email -- hope she got it right. Did ya get it? ;)

    Woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  3. I love these pictures. A day in a dogs life. Missy our dog is the same breed and we live on a farm. So fun to see dogs with a great farm life.

  4. Everyone should have such a blue sky, fresh air life with loved ones to share it with. How wonderfully.....happy!