4 November 2012

The Flood

Every time it rains heavily for a few days in a row the ground becomes saturated at two fields on either side of the lane flood in one corner. Teddy loves jumping in puddles so I wanted to see what he'd make of a huge one.

He's giving me his pathetic face.

He wasn't too fussed about the whole thing. While I was wellington boot deep in the flood he just skirted around the shallow bits.

Did I mention that it was very deep?

I called him over to me and I got The Face again.

Take Teddy out of the water and he's the king of the castle.


  1. Sam oddly enough loves puddles, but hates water in pools, etc. Dogs are so funny!


  2. One of my dogs hates water and tiptoes around the edges like Teddy does. Teddy's eyes tell the story. What an expressive boy. ;)

  3. And whatever the setting, Teddy looks devastatingly handsome!


  4. Such a beautiful boy! Obviously he doesn't realize how lucky he is to have a huge big puddle to play in - my pack would love that!

  5. A flood sure makes for beautiful photos in your neck of the woods!