31 December 2012

A Year of Green Hills: 2012

By January the lambing is in full swing and Teddy enjoys his first lambing season. At least I think he does.

In February Bubbles has twin lambs that look just like her, Teddy meets some cows and decides he doesn't like them and lots and lots of lambs are born.

March is month still in the depths of lambing. Suckie adopts two lambs after her own sadly dies, Pip helps to save a lamb from the brink of death (photo) and Pip's dad appears on TV.

In April not much really happens except I take a few nice photos of Teddy with a lens I borrowed from college.

May had a sad ending to the month when we said farewell to Fly at the age of 19.

A happy first birthday for Teddy in June.

In July a dog sat on a tractor. And it was good. (Plus I passed my driving test - yes!)

In August Pip helps to make lots and lots of silage.

A new ram called Crosby arrives in September.

October tortures us with heavy rainfall. Jack turns ten.

Nothing much happens in November, apart from I decide that taking photos of tractors is good fun.

In December lambing begins again, we celebrate Christmas and I get a new lens.

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  1. What a wonderful look back of year 2012. We love your farm pictures and they are truly amazing.

    We wish all of you a very Happy New Year!